You Make Me Feel Alive Again: Rediscovering Life

We all have moments in life when everything seems to be going wrong. We feel lost, stuck, and our days seem as long as a Keanu Reeves movie (sorry Mr. Reeves). We lose track of time, forget what we’re passionate about and stop giving a ### about the things that used to excite us.

But wait! There’s hope for us yet…we can rediscover life! In this article, we’ll explore some tips on how to reignite your inner fire and start living again!

The First Steps Towards Living Again

Wake Up Early & Grind

If you want to rediscover your love for life, then throw away that snooze button like it’s last year’s iPhone model. Start off by waking up early each day (don’t worry if you hate mornings). Use this time before work or school to help yourself become productive with something so simple like enjoying a cup of coffee. Yes @ 6 am..the world isn’t over yet.

Meditate those worries away

During these quiet times find peace in meditation (if you aren’t already addicted…).This practice is helpful for allowing thoughtsand emotions flow through without judgement.Flow along like Simba down the lazy river-just let it happenhakuna matata my friends

Start Journaling

Another great way to bring insight into turning mindless activities into personal achievements daily.Journaling practices helps set an intention|goal each week or even per day.Without mapping out which direction aimlessly walking will leave one at dead ends.Setting intentions allows definition towards goals & accomplishments.Mythical creature goesby Unicorn,Pegasus whoever really cares creative eccentricity during sessions are SO necessary!

Now let’s dive straight in….to redscovering ourselves….

Explore Creativity Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Paint like Van Gogh

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage? Maybe it’s painting, poetry or a pottery class. Step out of your comfort zone and make time (even if it’s just an hour/week) to learn a new skill; watch youtube video tutorials for inspiration. Pick up that paintbrush and live like Vincent Van Gogh, creating art all in your head-turning expressionism into reality!

Cooking Up A Storm

Cooking doesn’t have to be iron chef mode.Tuning on music, trying no set recipe(can’t mess up spaguetti right?), invite friends over fora dishes potluck dinner experiene.Entertaining is best when encouragement is given.Reward yourself with wine afterwards #guiltypleasure lifestyle.

Rediscover Music

Let the rhythm guide the way – rediscover a genre of music you haven’t listened to in ages!Find new beats|spotify playlists,youtube blackholes tunes whilst cleaning house or going for walks.Stretch those legs explore horizon inspiring sights & sounds. Boogie away your cares !Show em Mia Thermopolis feet moves,

Get Active And Physical

Biking Away…

Time feels condensed throughout routine.What better way than biking,longboarding whatever gives exercise satisfaction-commute miles away from everyday exchanges.Breathe sweet scentes savor locales as this city tour technique gets that cardio fit goal achieved.In good company nice cool breeze life doesnt look too shabby now does it…We think bicycle repairs shops found via yelp thanks first result page

Yoga Love By The Ocean Spots…

You could do yoga at home..but then theres sand,majestic ocean views,sunsets,count me in.Ethereal-like spots-Kauai,Hawaii come hither towards capturing breathtaking asanas.Attachments heightened mental health,balance,lucidness.Zenlife accompanied by mango smoothie bowls(count on it!)afterwards.

The Journey to Climbing like a Pro

When was the last time you actually challenged yourself? Time to sign up for that rock climbing class (gloves at the ready). Its an empowering adventure of placing trust in oneself,getting stronger physically|mentally & conquering fears heightwise.How else would one be able to see into neighbor’s living room window?-Don’t worry already not gossiping about how cute their pups areinsert innocent face emoji

Re-discover Nature

### A Road Trip To Remember…Or Not

Hit the road-jump from state park,pitch tent campfire preparation mode.No wifi needed.Following a trail less travelled may lead towards immeasurable expressions,taken aback by what beauty nature individually expressed itself.Be companions with some friendly bears/racoons (& wildlife who want smores too).Scrumptious memories await with company synonymous,momentary escapades life is experienced fully let go simply.

Get Human Connection

Volunteer Life and Make Friends

Volunteering encourages positive self growth & social interactions create better mental health. It lends our hands outothers deserving.Through volunteering builds network skills,friends doing good contribute as every little bit counts-whether helping nonprofit organizations or feedingtherescued baby squirrels.Its your chance now DIY volunteer tutotials through youtube some can fall under essential life hacks category!Going green starts today,enjoy humnan interaction while giving back&just being outright awesome!

There’s no magic secret potion that will instantly bring us back to loving life. But small steps taken daily like waking up early, exploring creativity and trying new activities beyond our usual routine; getting active whether its cycling,yoga,dancing-climbing exercises or re-connecting mindly with mother nature heals,it makes us feel rejuvenated ,and slowly but surely we can each rediscover and rekindle our love for life. No one should feel like existing rather than living.Live today like it were your last chance.And remember, Rediscovery Is REMEDY!

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