You Love to See It: 5 Things That’ll Make You Smile

Life doesn’t always give us a reason to smile. From the moment we wake up, it seems like the universe is conspiring against us. Traffic on our way to work, spilling coffee on our favorite shirt or even getting stuck in an elevator with someone who talks too much – these are just some of the moments that make life unbearable.

But what if I told you that there are things out there that will make you smile? And not just a small smirk, but a full-blown grin! So without further ado, let’s dive into five things that will definitely put a smile on your face!

Puppies and Kittens Doing Adorable Things

Is there anything cuter than seeing puppies and kittens doing adorable things? Wait… don’t answer that. The answer is no! Whether they’re gnawing on their tiny little toys or struggling to climb stairs for the first time, puppies and kittens have an unexplainable charm.

There’s something about watching them run around with pure joy as if they’re discovering everything for the first time it makes everything else fade away for a bit. If you’re ever having a bad day, take two minutes out of your busy schedule and scroll through #puppylove or #kittensofinstagram – guaranteed smiles every single time!

Some Cute Examples…

Here are three examples of pups/kitties succeeding at being cute:

Picture Description
Cute Dog Here’s proof dogs can multi-task: sticks + belly rubs = ultimate relaxation
Jumpin' Kitty This kitty is the feline version of The Matrix, jumping over obstacles with precision
Puppy Trio There’s something about a group of puppies always being adorable… maybe it’s because they huddle together for warmth like it’s their job

Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever been having an awful day when someone does something kind out of nowhere? Like when a stranger holds open the door for you or when someone lets you skip ahead in line at the grocery store. It feels amazing! It makes us believe in humanity again.

Sometimes we don’t even expect it, and that’s what makes those moments so special. And believe me, there are plenty more good people than bad in this world; we just need to look around more often.

Some Inspirational Acts…

Here are three examples of everyday kindness:

  • Leaving extra change in vending machines for others
  • Donating clothes/household items instead of throwing them out
  • Complimenting strangers on their appearance (with sincerity, not creepiness)

Cute Animals Wearing Clothes

Okay – this one technically fits under “puppies and kittens doing adorable things,” but hear me out: animals wearing clothes is taking cuteness to another level entirely. Just picture your favorite furry friend dressed up as Superman or Wonder Woman instant joy!

I dare anyone who says they’re too cool/fierce/not-mushy-glue-for-that to witness a puppy rocking sunglasses & hat coordination and withhold their smile.

Some Outfit Resources…

Here are three shops/sites where you can get some sweet pet apparel:

  1. Petsmart
  2. The Dodo Shop
  3. Chewy

Online Videos of People Falling Over (Harmlessly)

Let’s be real: watching someone trip and fall over can be hilarious. As long as they aren’t seriously hurt, it’s good to have a laugh at their expense every once in a while.

But insteaded of directly enjoying any harm on people, there exist plenty online videos out here boasting compilations of Olympic-level falls populated by comedians, celebrities & amatuers alike – from slip-and-fall moments captured on home security cameras to failed stunts or even just attemptingly posing for pictures gone wrong. It doesn’t matter who the hapless victim is; right then we all share humanity’s inability to maintain balance…cue the laughs!

Some Humorous Examples…

Here are three examples from bestfailscompilations:

  1. A kid hilariously fails multiple times while skateboarding – but he always gets back up:

  2. Skateboarder tries to jump start his board off a mushroom with mixed results:

  3. Sports announcer Bob Costas’ giggling fit during Olympics coverage around one athlete’s red pants:

That One Thing Only You Find Funny

Have you ever told a joke to someone, only for them to look at you like you have five heads? But guess what? That doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s still funny to us.

Whether it be a pun, an inside joke or just something silly that makes us laugh every time – treasure those moments! Not everything has to hit everyone’s sweet spot.

Some Goofy Ones…

Here are three examples of things only some people find funny:

  1. Knock-knock jokes (who’s there?) starting with “Boo”. (Answer: Boo who?)
  2. A person falls into the mud; when asked if they’re okay, they respond “Yes… but I’m gonna need new pants though.”
  3. Saying ‘orange’ weirdly – stretching out and squishing its sound respectively.

So let’s make today better than yesterday! Remember these 5 things (and others like them) next time life gets tough wink-wink at least now we know what needs our attention as antidotes. Smiling will always be one of lifes most-defining languages translatable across any social borders!