You can never win with a narcissist?

Have you ever found yourself tangled in the web of someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, is self-obsessed, and always right? Well then, my friend, welcome to the narcissistic world – where^1 every argument turns into a debate or an opportunity for them to put themselves on a pedestal.

If this person sounds like someone you know too well, buckle up because we’re about to take you through the ins and outs of dealing with these master manipulators. Spoiler alert: you can never win with a narcissist. Here’s why:

They Are Always Right

No matter what proof or evidence you present that contradicts their statements, they will remain certain that they are still correct. It doesn’t matter if it’s obvious that they got something wrong – when challenged, stop wasting your breath trying to prove them wrong because it’ll lead nowhere.

Playing The Victim Card Is Their Favorite Thing to Do

Narcissists love playing victim when things don’t go as planned for them. Whether it’s their fault or not – which let’s face it; most of the time it is – they will blame anyone but themselves. Don’t be surprised if somehow during an argument about how rude they were towards another person ends up being turned around so that YOU become at fault.

Criticism Is Impossible To Handle

Offering any criticism whatsoever is going to trigger bad behavior from this type of person. Keep in mind narcissists crave attention and validation no matter good or worst feedback, so make sure whatever feedback given all hinges upon praise without giving anything negative otherwise prepare for lots backlash

Blaming Others Comes Naturally To Them

Whether something went awry in work projects teams OR just did not fulfill responsibilities. A sign showing classic narcissistic tendencies is placing solely placing blame on others instead accepting responsibilityThis stems from the belief that they are better than those around them; therefore, it’s impossible for them to be in any wrong.

Nothing Is Ever Their Fault

Due in part due to their lack of emotional intelligence but also being egocentric at its finest, they will not accept wrongdoing. The possibilities of this happening is a moot point so trying to reason with a narcissist never goes well. Even if the sky were green and grass was blue, they would believe themselves correct because changing facts aligns entirely opposite their thought process.

They Live In A Fantasy World

The classic saying “living in La-La Land” fits perfectly when describing a narcissist’s life. They only see what suits them or once again makes way they can put themselves first moments affecting others down side aren’t on radar ever! This distorted view affects how decisions get made without question no matter other factors ignored

Good Luck Trying To Reach An Amicable Compromise

Trying reaching middle ground with someone whose perceptions differ from reality isn’t going work meaning everything will end up benefiting THEM and ONLY Them during compromise negotiations Narcissists have zero regard anyone else considerations except own leaving little room for successful mediation

Personal Responsibility? What’s That?

A high level sense entitlement means accountability doesn’t factor into decision-making processes let alone doing thing legal qualified required job purposes as becomes beneath standard If something falls apart don’t even begin wasting time asking questions blaming eyes firmly fixed outwardly rather inward reflections actions performed by self exclusively solo version good standing.

Here are some additional traits of people categorized under the umbrella term ‘narcissistic personality disorder’

Trait Details
Arrogance Being overly confident about one’s abilities surpassing actual effectiveness which challenges authority figures lacking authentic leadership ability
Lack Of Empathy Essentially appealing solely anything accommodating needs properly expressing agony relief inevitably act primarily associated directed towards self
Manipulative   Controlling friends or coworkers in order to get what they want rather than abide as team player following rules set out by society at large bypassing protocols
Sense Of Entitlement A belief that due to inherent a sense of high worth this particular person is entitled respect, power and attention regardless of their work ethic & mandatory criteria
Grandiose Behavior Over-dramatically carrying themselves with inflated ego excessively ignoring others compliments only fuel such behavior naturally

Let the Games Begin

Here are some examples demonstrating narcissistic games that you might encounter:


This term literally means ‘manipulating someone into doubting their own sanity’. Narcissists use tactics such as denying events ever took place when refusing taking blame attacking victim’s memory loss. Where possible always secure necessary evidence ahead time for cross-referencing along with confirming other witnesses otherwise being left vulnerable.


Expect lots redirection process projecting To give an instance somebody says”You suck!” Counter-response often will be “Actually it’s YOU who sucks.” This tactic takes any negative comment far away from them personally altering comment made to become who instead!

The End Game

The most important point to remember about dealing with narcissists is understanding comes your way when accepted how little can change when attempting transform relationships pointing fingers outwardly leads nowhere internally creating decline attitude ultimately causing rifts externally which isn’t going conducive amicable conversations desired.

Keep trying if like but realistically success go simply create peace within accepting limitations presented focusing creating healthy environment without letting negative personalities influence negatively! Stick persistently doing right thing over trivial battles won so seeking right companion easier journey experience successfully prevail long-term.

In conclusion: Whether at work, home or any personal relationship always take careful consideration personality characteristics individuals possess. Narcissists aren’t choosing world around them; however being educated helps avoiding falling prey victims assuming a different nature. Keep distance if work together trying working through differences within reasons options fallback plan existence least interference possible securing personal safety always because nobody deserves harmful intent manifested difficult people.

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