Yoga poses to stretch piriformis muscle?

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from piriformis syndrome, also known as a pain in your butt (literally), then this article is for you. The piriformis muscle is located deep within your gluteal muscles and can cause discomfort or pain when it becomes tight or inflamed. Fortunately, practicing certain yoga poses regularly can help stretch the piriformis muscle and ease discomfort. So let’s get stretching!

What Is Piriformis Syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle, which runs from your sacrum to femur bone, spasms or tightens due to overuse, injury or prolonged sitting position that puts pressure on sciatic nerve. This causes irritation and inflammation leading to buttock pain, sharp stabbing sensation down the leg all the way up to calf muscles that generally eases with movement.

Benefits of Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome

Yoga helps alleviate symptoms related to piriformis syndrome by gently stretching and relaxing the affected muscles while improving circulation throughout them through mindful movements bringing a sense of mental calmness (emphasis added).

Precautions Before Practicing Yoga:

Before starting any exercise regime — especially if you have injuries — caution is needed; Talk to your doctor first!. Pay attention carefully during these exercises as proper posture will help prevent further injury:
Avoid slouching.
Avoid overstretching.
Stay within an acceptable range
(There are limits depending on body type)
Prevention = better than cure!

– Best 8 Yoga Postures That Help Prevent Pirifrom Pain:

Let’s review eight best postures below:
1- Reclining Pigeon Pose:
+ Step By step guide Description
+ Benefits:
+ Increases blood in the piriformis muscle
+ Improves range of motion
2- Pigeon Pose:
+ Step By step guide
+ Benefits:
+ Relieves sciatic nerve pain
+ Stretches outer hip muscles
3- Seated Forward Fold:
+ Step By step guide Description
+ Benefits:
+ Helps to lengthen and decompress the spinal column
+ Releases tension in lower back and hips
4- Low Lunge with Back Leg Extended :
+ Step By step Guide
+ Benefits: Experts suggest that this pose eases discomfort, however, it’s harder than other beginner yoga postures. Use modifications for better outcome.
– It boots energy levels while opening the hips
5- Cow Face Pose : Will be more comfortable if you’re naturally flexible! (Hence caters to intermediate or advanced level Yogi’s )
The right way of executing these poses :
First sit on your buttocks,
Cross your legs like a pretzel, one knee stacked directly atop the other.(the left leg over right is we are taking cowfacepose with Left arm above head variation.)
Hold onto each foot at a time as well as keep sitting bones pressed down equally.
What’s Happening ?
– It is an amazing stretch for those who have tight glutes including; piriformis and tensor fascia latae muscles.
6- Lizard Pose:
+ Step By Step Instruction
+ Benefits: The lizard pose is excellent for stretching out your hip flexors as well as your outer hips along with the illio-tibial (IT)Band.
7- Supine Twist:
– Variation can be done in form of Ardha Matseyendrasana (Half Lord of Fishes pose)
+ How to Do it?
Place left hand onto right knee crossing left leg over right thigh, while keeping both shoulders on ground
+Benefits :
– Reduces pain and stiffness from Thoracic spine upto hips
8- Happy Baby Pose : Or Ananda Balasana!
Walk feet up towards armpits, grabbing holdof front ankles with palms resting upon sole sides of feed.OR rest hands at back portion of thighs OR As an alternative bring knees all way closer & grab soles o Ffeet pulling them up toward ceiling simultaneously straightening arms by pressing strongly into soles.
– great stretch for inner groin and lower lumbar region

Final thoughts

Learnt about eight best yoga poses that will help you loosen piriformis muscle tension which leads to sciatica pain when inflamed. Adding these exercises to your daily routine may have a positive effect on easing discomfort in the long run! Remember safety always comes first talk to a health care professional beforehand if concerned or unsure; utilize proper form otherwise risk further injury down road reducing chances to become bendy like Gumby 😉

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