Wisdom tooth pain when swallowing?

Ah, wisdom teeth – the bane of every adult’s existence. Just when we thought our oral issues were resolved, these pesky molars rear their ugly heads and cause all sorts of discomforts. One of the most common symptoms associated with wisdom tooth eruption is pain while swallowing. Yes, you read that right. Every time you take a gulp or two, your mouth feels like it’s been kicked by a mule. Nice!

But don’t fret just yet, my friend. We’ve got some humorous insights (and maybe some remedies too) about this particular condition so prepare to chuckle while also gaining knowledge.

The Culprit – Why Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Occur When You Swallow?

Before we delve into ways on how to deal with such affronting sensation that came out from nowhere – or yeah I guess from the far back corner of your mouth- let’s first discover why does it happen in the first place? It has something to do with how bones grow over time because even as an adult your body still goes through changes including growth and development.

So when remnants inside one’s gums start coming forth -okay nope that sounded like zombies are rising-, I mean when wisdom teeth appear and force themselves into life after years upon years hidden away underground beneath our other pearly whites which already formed permanent houses long ago(see what i did there?), they tend to push those previously settled tooth friends causing irritation around the area.

The swelling or inflammation then leads people feeling soreness not only in their jaws but specifically more painful when swallowing since muscles around that region will naturally contract during this process which will further apply pressure on the tender zones surrounding our new found unicorns aka third molars hence making us feel uncomfortable each time we swallow.

Remedies for Dealing With Wisdom Tooth Pain While Swallowing

Now that we know how this happens -and still amusingly call them unicorns-, are there pain remedies out there to make our lives easier? Fortunately, yes! Here are some that you may want to keep in mind:

Apply Cold Compresses

Icing affected areas can help alleviate discomfort and numb the painful region. Plus points for using creative ideas such as ice pops or cold spoon which will not only soothe but also give you an excuse to inhale frozen desserts.

Salt Water Gargle

Salt has been known since ancient times for its cleansing properties. Dissolving a tablespoon of salt in warm water and swirling it around your mouth like Listerine (but don’t swallow), helps reduce inflammation, prevents infections from coming about due to bacteria buildup- making us feel relieved when talking or gulping again.

Over-the-counter Medications

Anti-inflammatory druggies like ibuprofen or acetaminophen do wonders at subduing throbbing sensations so don’t be hesitant popping those pills once they advisedly prescribe them away by a medical professional. No illegal doses though!

Soft Diet Consistency

Let’s get real, whether tooth issues come into play aside, switching up one’s diet every now and then- even if it means mashing foods with a fork first rather than just chomping down without warning- is very helpful especially during recovery periods where dental work was done. So why not switch things over while dealing with Wisdom tooth drama (because life ain’t already dramatic enough)? By consuming soft consistency food e.g smoothie bowls, yogurt cups; reducing chewing requirements on swollen areas thus lessening the discomfort will surely brighten up one’s day…or meals.

When It’s Time To Seek Professional Help

In any case however where symptoms persist unabated despite trying home remedies after somewhat of countless hours wasting half a pack straight watching Netflix series (oh wait sorry deviated) or if swelling has gone beyond control making one’s face appear like a big balloon – it’s always recommended by dentists to schedule an immediate appointment.

In fact, don’t wait that long. If your life feels miserable due to wisdom tooth pain while swallowing then even thinking about scheduling should become the number one priority on any to-do list.

Tooth Fairy Tips And Tricks

Don’t let words come flying out of other people mouths scare you though! Here are some insider tips and tricks (look who has worded-smith skills now) from real-life individuals we’ve interviewed who also suffer(ed?)- yes past tense! -from this condition:

  • Keep yourself hydrated with water: Staying hydrated aids in flushing bacteria away which can help reduce possible infections.

  • Don’t be afraid of using mouthwash: Its disinfecting properties assist in getting rid of hard-to-reach germs hanging out around gums plus will soothe them with temporarily numbing agents for faster relief once discomfort levels kick up another notch.

  • Listen To Your Body: Avoid smoking and drinking especially through straws; waiting some time before engaging in strenuous activities that may increase pressure within neck muscles leading towards limited head movements when jaws get involved is crucial too. Practice patience during recovery periods!

Conclusion – That’s A Wrap For Our ‘Wisdom Tooth Pain While Swallowing’ Discussion!

At last, we reached our final destination just like how errr Google maps already said so ten minutes ago! We hope you enjoyed reading our self-proclaimed witty approach regarding Wisdom Teeth Saga(ouchie).

As final words, there is light at end of tunnel full of unicorns known as third molars uhh…not really but yeah after a few days eating pudding cups instead burgers keeping oneself properly medicated surely seems more doable than staring intermittently on bottom right throbbing jaw line corner wondering when the pain end is nigh.

So don’t worry, stay confident, and always remember that if you experience any issues with your teeth in future- they’re probably not undead coming after you rather just some more of those extravagant wisdom teeth trying their darnest to make a grand entrance only realizing people go through YouTube videos now when hoping for something Epic!

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