Will shaving your armpits make you sweat less?


We all sweat, that’s no secret. But did you know that sweating serves a vital purpose? It regulates our body temperature and helps us cool down when we’re hot. However, no one likes the feeling of damp armpits or sweat stains on their clothes. Some people shave their underarms in hopes of reducing sweating, but does it actually work? Let’s dive into this hairy topic.

Understanding Sweat

First off, let’s get one thing straight – shaving your armpits will not make you stop sweating altogether (sorry, folks!). Our bodies have two types of sweat glands – eccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are located all over the body and help regulate internal temperature by producing a watery fluid that evaporates quickly from the skin’s surface.

Apocrine glands are concentrated in areas where hair follicles are abundant, such as the scalp, groin area, and yes…underarm region! These produce an oily substance mixed with proteins to feed bacteria on our skin; yeah ewww…but wait.. it gets better!

As bacteria break down those proteins is what causes odor (yup). And now back to why we brought up these facts- because they’re essential for understanding how shaving can affect sweating in specific regions like underarms– which hold most of Apocrine gland chambers.

Why Do We Actually Sweat?

Well…If humans could only survive comfortably at temperatures below freezing (what?), then there would be nothing wrong with not having any way to cool ourselves down efficiently (hello sarcasm!)

But realistically speaking living in tropical climates characteristic by humid summers means Sweating Keeps Us Cool!! And while Nobody relishes looking like they just swam out of shower after being outside 10 minutes under sorching heat — neither do we desire unpleasant odors surrounding everyone around us during usual body releases. #Yikes

What Causes Excessive Sweating

While sweating is essential for keeping our body temperature down, when it becomes excessive, it is time we take a look at possible reasons that could be causing this.

Some common causes of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis are:-

  • Certain foods and drinks like alcohol, caffeine.
  • Hormonal changes (puberty?pregnancy?)
  • Side effects from certain medications
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, overactive thyroid gland, etc.
    Clearly in cases like these shaving can neither save nor worsen the situation–its pretty much outta question altogether! (Yup Sounds reasonable)

Will Shaving Actually Help?

Now let’s explore if for those who don’t suffer from medical condition(s) prompting Hyperhidrosis –‘Shaving their Underarm Hair’ might actually make any difference to the level of sweat produced by them there glands.

Appearance-wise – Definitely!

First things first – Let’s talk about aesthetics. Going hairless underarms certainly makes us feel clean and less shaggy; but how does it help when we are looking to reduce perspiration??

Well turns out removing armpit hair can aid in better skin ventilation so that sweat dries faster when its hot outside!. Voila! er.. well almost…there’s one minor issue though — once more damp moisture accumulates —Likelihood of pungent odor emerging stays unchanged regardless (oops) .

Note: That said opting for breathable clothes made with natural fibers will further amplify aforementioned effects!! Yup-pick Cotton over Polyester / nylon-blends !!~

Long-Term Effects!!

Now coming back to the main reason most probably you’re here: Does Removing Arm Hair help combat heavy fresh stains on Clothings ? The verdict is still not concrete though research suggests – while shaving alone doesn’t significantly decrease aroma emitting bacteria infestation , removing majority of hair growth could very well diminish warm moist breeding grounds for these uninvited guests! GREAT news!

Example- While the creamy texture of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Corynebacteria love skimming on unshaved hair–They’re less able to stick around closed shaved areas which can’t offer grip nor sustenance. (Fact check – a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showed that having hair provides more surfaces area for bacteria colonization than non-hairy skin ).(Don’t you like it when science makes us smile?)

Summing It Up

Yes, shaving your armpits will help reduce sweat accumulation (Hip-Hip). However, it is not a permanent solution, and the results vary from person to person depending upon factors such as weight/size, health conditions etc.

It is important to note that other treatments may work better for people who are struggling with excessive sweating or odor (but we knew that already…right!)#findingthepositive

So while waiting for genie version 2.0 so we can wish excessive sweats away forever; We might continue exploring various options available including but not limited to therapeutic-dose antiperspirants / Medical procedure –And yeah by all means put those razors at good use too!– they are afterall.. ‘a part’ of larger hygienic routine .

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