Will seresto kill existing fleas on dogs?

As much as we love furry creatures, fleas are an unwelcome guest in our pets’ lives. These pests can make your dog’s life a living hell with their constant itching and biting. As the responsible pet owner that you are, it’s important to take action to get rid of fleas from your dog’s coat and fast!

You may have stumbled upon this blog post because you’re considering purchasing Seresto flea collar for your canine companion. If so, then read till the end and find out if Seresto is effective in killing existing fleas or not.


Before we dive into answering the crucial question at hand; let’s first understand what actually Seresto is?

Seresto collars are designed by Bayer Animal Health specifically for dogs (and cats). They use innovative technology containing two active ingredients i.e Imidacloprid & Flumethrin which provides long-lasting protection against fleas & ticks. Additionally, they also aid in preventing future mating due to its unique features and comfortability around the neck area making them incredibly popular among pet owners.

But back to today’s topic at hand…

Do You Need Something To Get Rid Of The Flea Infestation On Your Dog?

Fleas don’t just live on your dog; they’ve probably infested other areas of your home too – couches, carpets, bedsheets (gasp!), etcetera – everywhere. So it becomes extremely vital that besides treating them regularly yourself(with proper guidance) , you must invest in proper flea prevention methods such as Seresto collars.

Now ‘someone’ has probably misled you into thinking that all it takes is simply putting on this miraculous product and voila! Instantly flee-free fido? Not quite so simple… but close!

But How Does It Work Exactly?

By putting on the collar, you’re giving your Fido a long-lasting shield against fleas and ticks. This is great for preventing future infestations of these pests.

But the real question here that we’re all wondering:

Will Seresto Kill Existing Fleas on Dogs?

It’s always better to prevent than to cure—but once an animal has contracted fleas (trust us, it happens) – can Seresto kill them off?

First and foremost –

  1. Seresto Does Kill Flea Larvae– which usually constitutes around ~95% of flea population within minutes after application
  2. For adult female (pregnant) fleas residing on your canine-friend; ingestion of Imidacloprid affects their reproduction cycle leading to significantly reduced hatch rates post-treatment

Unfortunately, according to Bayer Animal Health, if any existing adult flea is present upon application or jumps onto your dog when outside during wear periods, then there exists the possibility they will not suddenly fall dead in under an hour as if striken by magical powers.

..Awkward silence…

Although Seresto collars start working almost immediately against developed adults(as mentioned above); this still raises an issue! As those pesky creatures cannot entirely be blamed: How would YOU feel being repeatedly bitten by some annoying bug-dracula gnawing away at you? Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Help yourself & Your Pooch out!

If your furry companion already has a flea problem before putting Serestro’s goodness on – do not fret ! Here are some tips & tricks that might help before “formally” treating with pesticide means :

  • Brush Your Dog More Often – Regularly brushing can dislodge parasites from life events such as egg-laying/fattening.
  • Give Them A Bath In Lemon Juice And Dawn Soap – Mix lemon juice with warm water so its pH level becomes unfavourable for fleas, and Dawn dish soap effectively removes any residue, including adult fleas!
  • Give Them A Temporary Medicated Bath – Giving your dog a medicated bath will likely kill most of the live fleas on their body. As temp relief.

Thus, treating dogs or pets with Seresto collars does prove effective in preventing flea infestations. With these tips & tricks, you are guaranteed to gain control over those pesky creatures:)

How Long Does It Take For The Collar to Work?

Once placed correctly(Don’t put it in such a bother place!- NOSES ARE NOT COLLAR HOLDERS); Seresto starts working within 24 hours against already attached ticks while providing almost immediate killing-off larvae levels around ~95%.

Moreover,the collar is programmed to provide continuous protection up till approx eight months— barring which regular application might be necessary.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Seresto Collars Usage?

As seresto is considered one of the most widely-used flea/tick prevention products available- like anything else,it has some reported side effects; however exceptionally few cases appear!

Such as:

1.Dermal reactions:Eg itchiness/rashes
2.Hair loss [around neck area]
3.Abnormal neurobehavioral changes(not many recorded cases)
4.Irritation or soreness at collar site( where skin contacts)


To conclude; although Serum’s effectiveness varies,it proves influential when used along with proper maintenance (brushing/bathing etc). So now that we know thatputting on this magical product may not automatically erase all present issues regarding your pooch’s health ; getting our furry companions tick-free for approx 8months with complete peace of mind is something everyone would want 🙂

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