Will preparation h help internal hemorrhoids?

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from internal hemorrhoids, you’ve probably tried a bunch of different remedies to ease your discomfort. From witch hazel to sitz baths, there’s no shortage of home remedies that claim to help with hemorrhoids. But what about Preparation H? This popular over-the-counter product has been around for decades and is commonly used to treat external hemorrhoids. But can it also be effective for internal hemorrhoids? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Internal Hemorrhoids?

Before we dive into whether or not Preparation H can help internal hemorrhoids, let’s first define what they are. Internal hemorrhoids are swollen veins located inside the rectum. They’re similar to external hemorrhoids (which are located outside the anus), but they’re often harder to detect because they don’t cause pain or discomfort – at least not initially.

As internal hemorrhoid symptoms worsen, however, you may experience:

  • Bleeding during bowel movements
  • Prolapse (where a part of the vein extends out of the anus)
  • Itching
  • Irritation

What Is Preparation H?

Preparation H is an over-the-counter medication that contains phenylephrine and pramoxine as its main active ingredients in some formulations.. Phenylephrine is a vasoconstrictor which means it helps shrink swollen blood vessels by narrowing them down while Pramoxine blocks nerve signals It comes in various forms such as creams, wipes , suppositories and ointments and is typically marketed toward those experiencing external itching and irritation caused mainly after instances like diarrhea,stress etc . Its properties supposedly provide instant relief from bleeding,pains,soreness associated with piles/haemmorhoidal disease .

Can Preparation H Help Internal Hemorrhroids?

So now that we know more about both internal hemorrhoids and Preparation H, the bigger question is can this topical cream help provide relief for internal hemorrhoids?

The answer, as with most things in life… depends. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Preparation H may be somewhat effective at shrinking internal hemorrhoidal tissue due to its vasoconstrictive properties but not a definitive cureall.
  • It will only be effective if applied directly to the affected area (which can be tricky with internal hemorrhoids).
  • More severe cases or prolonged problems require medical intervention.

That being said, any kind of doctor recommended treatment needs time and precautionary measures when used on haemorrhoidial type conditions . People are advised it should definitely’t replace a proper consultation with professional doctors !

The Pros: What Are Some Advantages of Using PrepH For Internal Hemorrhoids?

Here are a few potential benefits that users have commonly reported :

  1. Reduced Pain – PrepH seems to provide temporary pain relief because of an ingredient called Pramoxine which blocks painful signals from reaching your brain .

  2. Quick Relief – When applied topically directly on the rectal canal prepation-H often provides quick relief within minutes if not immediately .

  3. Shrinks tissue – As previously mentioned , phenylephrine causes blood vessels such as those found in inflamed piles/hemorrhoids shrivelling up hence reducing discomfort along-with making extra room for easy passing through anal passage by shrinking them.

  4. Moisturizes Skin – Due to some formulas containing mineral oil,Petrolatum,Glycerin etc , they form occlusive layer over skin allowing it retain moisture thus preventing dryness(that may aggravate itching ).

Cons:What Are Some Disadvantages Of Using Prepartion H For Internal Hemmerhiods

Like anything there are pros but also cons associated:

1.Possible Side effects – Despite its popularity even after several years of usage, some individuals may experience various unwanted side effects(such as inflammation, itching/burning etc) from using these products because everyones’ bodies respond differently .

2.Limited effectiveness in reducing internal hemorrhoids- While proven elimination of external Hemorrhoid symptoms , Prep-H mostly works only superficially(this characteristic applies to all type of haemorrhoidal ointments/creams/suppositories ).

3.Long term gains are questionable – it is somewhat controversial among medical professionals whether utilizing preph towards treating existing piles would prevent them from recurring.

4.True root cause treatment impossible several people seem to forget that even the best creams and OTC medication for providing quick relief will only mask the underlying root of problem such improper diet,lack exercise,constipation,bowel movements(e.g pushing too hard i.e too much straining).

So What Should You Do if You Have Internal Hemorrhoids?

Well here a few actionable tips recommended by doctors :

  1. Drink plenty water– Drink lots of fluids and staying hydrated has been shown to ease problems resulting due haemorroids

  2. Eat More Fiber-Rich Foods – Having fiber rich foods like whole grains,lentils,vagetables e.t.c help prevent constipation . Also increasing soluble fibers can absorb excess water present inside intestines thus making motions smooth and easy which means less irritation/harm being passed through rectal wall.

3.Take Warm Showers or Sitz Baths – Immersing yourself in warm tubs or applying moist heat via cloth towel,toilet seat helps soothe inflamed anorectal part with temporary improvement (but not guaranteed obviously)

4.Regular Exercise – Routine mild exercises (especially ones aimed at strengthening abdominal muscles ) have also proved beneficial in avoiding flare-ups .

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when dealing with internal hemorrhoids, exploring different treatment options (including Preparation H) under guidance could be a good path towards ultimate success.

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