Will nicotine patch raise blood pressure?

Are you one of the millions who try to cure that relentless nicotine craving all while worrying about blood pressure? Well, fear not for we have delved deep into the scientific abyss to find answers. Before we answer whether it’ll cause a spike in your BP, let’s first examine what nicotine patches are and how they work.

What is a Nicotine Patch exactly?

A nicotine patch is like a band-aid but instead of delivering pain relief or sumthin else , it releases small amounts of nicotinic goodness (aka sweet sweet nicotine) over an extended period through your skin into your bloodstream.. The dose slowly decreases until you eventually take it off giving you time to adjust to being without cigarettes. It’s essentially pairing dessert with diet drinks – treat yo’ self but keep waise.

How do they work precisely though?

When you slap that patch on ya arm, the sticky paste starts absorbing into layers of skin just beneath where ya placed it .Once inside those layers that nice little molecule cozies up next ordinary ones disrupting cellular activity secretions: This change acts as if appears normal cells suddenly turned on red alert turning dormant cells back into active teenagers.this action makes neurotransmitters flood their cells resulting in increased focused energy and minusculepupils , naturally leading many people think ominously “ugh! high bp coming my way!”

Why do people get worried upon hearing ‘nicotine increases blood pressure’?

Unbeknownst by popular belief this has been disputed throughout history between different researchers regarding consistency as well biological response which led inevitably came out inadequate responses Nobody could agree at consensus;

For example Dr. X may argue “Studies report increase by 5 points”; Doctor Y says “nope show me more data”. A specific study explained:^1

“Exposure to even low doses [of cigarette smoke] results acutely in large vessel endothelial dysfunction and elevation of systemic blood pressure.These findings suggest exposure to cigarette smoke, even at relatively low concentrations, may be sufficient to rapidly increase [blood pressure] in vulnerable individuals.”

Okay if that sentence did not have you dozing off but hear us out! While this study mentions the inside of a real live ciggy most basic knowledge shows nicotine does affect your BP.

Nicotine Patch vs Cigarettes: what’s the difference?

The American Heart Association states,” Cigarette smoking is a major cause of coronary heart disease (CHD), which leads to heart attack” (no kidding) -So comparing that with patches:

  • no toxic tar
  • no CO2 emissions
  • significantly lower chance to leading avoidable illnesses

Sounds like according to our extensive research Patches are definitely looking more friendly overall right?

But let’s get back on topic: will it or won’t it raise my Blood Pressure!?

To answer simply based upon studies supported by prominent institutions such as Harvard Medical School who says “most users don’t experience significant changes in blood pressure when using nicotine replacement therapies”, we can infer safely that unless you’re predisposed unusually high levels odds look asymptomatic for fluctuations after applying.

Woohoo I’m free from cigarettes without worryin’ ’bout cardiac arrest!

In conclusion those patches triumph over old reliable stink sticks any day so go ahead slap one on with confidence knowing ya health is a priority now ohh yeaaah!

1.Kovacic JC and Fuster V. Atherosclerosis: Progression and regression. In Libby P, Bonow RO, Mann DL et al., eds., Braunwald’s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine ed.; Saunders Elsevier : Philadelphia 2012; chap 44; p.1137.)

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