Will hydrocele affect fertility?

Well, well, well. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a little situation down south. With all the changes that happen to our bodies as we age, it’s no surprise that men may experience an unwelcomed visitor known as hydrocele.

But wait just one second there fellas! Before you start panicking and booking your appointment for a vasectomy, let’s answer this burning question: will hydrocele affect your fertility?

What is Hydrocele?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of hydroceles’ impact on fertility, let’s get a clear understanding of what hydrocele means.

A hydrocele occurs when fluid builds up in the sac surrounding one or both testicles causing swelling and pain (ouch). Men with a small amount of accumulated fluid may not notice any discomfort and often need no intervention at all while others might encounter some sort of infection or abnormal growth as their body tries its best to compensate its self-balancing mechanism.

Enough about Hydeoceles Features though; now onto everyone’s burning questions!

How Does Hydroceles Affect Fertility?

I know you want an answer right away but hear me out first:

There are several reasons why someone might be experiencing issues with infertility; lifestyle habits such smoking, unhealthy eating, desk-jockey-cowboy-like sitting position etc.; medical conditions – prostatitis (or inflammation) or varicoceles (where miniature veins in the scrotum dilate), infections such chlamydia(oops, did I mention chlamydia already?), premature ejaculationand lastly- yes folks, even hailing from ill-starred families where infertility seems endemic can contribute towards subfertility.

Luckily, dear reader – Hydroheal does not belong on this list above -meaning- usually DO NOT directly result in male subfertility!

YAY! So, it’s OK to have a hydrocele then?

Not so fast Cowboy

Although hydocoeles typically do not pose direct effects on fertility; however, in certain cases of very large hydroceles or chronic swelling over time, the testicles and surrounding structures may become damaged.

(Men grapple with enough worrisome thoughts as it is. Do we really need yet another worry?)

You’re probably wondering who can develop Hydroceles? Is anyone exempt from this fate?

The honest answer is no one is immune to a hydocele but those “that had injury or infection”, whether recent scars from an operation near that area or even people diagnosed with elephantiasis are more prone to them unlike those working out like monsters – sorry gym rats!

To list down everyone susceptible though (as they say misery loves company); here is the laundry list: young boys aged up-to 1 year old [an inguinal hernia often leads to a hydrocoele post-operatively], older men having crossed their half-century mark, infections especially viral, inflammation due previous trauma (such as twisting,

If you find yourself experiencing any symptoms that might suggest something isn’t quite right ‘down there’**, your best bet would be getting in touch first hand [Haste makes waste] with an urologist instead of Dr.Google. Trust me when I tell you that instant relief from uncertainty will outweigh consulting websites/weird forums or risking self-diagnosis.

So folks , brush up on professional medical opinions straight away & get ready for every guy’s favorite part of visiting the hospital:

Let Us Talk Exams!

When meeting your health practitioner for definitive diagnosis measures at last & confirming whether everything has been fine; rest assured he’ll check;

Physical Exam

Your doctor may also perform a physical exam and take a blood test to:

  • Check for lumps or swelling on the body
  • Look at the size of your prostate, which can be assessed with a digital rectal exam


Your doctor might also recommend ultrasound if there is any ambiguity found in earlier assessments. This painless procedure uses high-frequency sound waves (like sonar!) [I’ve always wanted to play pingpong with whales] to create images of structures inside your body like vas deferens and scrotum that could confirm microvarices (common culprit aging men deal with)

Let us answer some pressing questions:

  • Can hydrocele cause infertility?
    You are probably feeling impatient by now and would require quick answers; so hear me out: while it’s true that large hydroceles can result in damage over time, they usually manifest no direct influence subfertility.

  • Why Do Hydrocoeces not Cause InFertility?
    The reason behind this phenomenon clouds boundaries between miracle & science: It has been suggested that during embryonic development(yawns) after weeks 6-7 such fluid-filled sac begins developing around each testis. Upon completion, this enclosure accomplishes several key functions including providing mechanical support as well as thermoregulation behind eggs-mushroom-growing.

Another contribution comes from genetic heritage along familial aspects too – since not all people -even those with similar lifestyles-done-in-the-same-place-under-the-sun will develop these conditions.

Whew! We made it folks. To wrap things up nicely here’s what we learned today:

Healthy life habits are crucial towards better sexual health -Who knew about swimming fish boosting testosterone levels?

Infertility affects both sexes incase you thought otherwise

Various factors contribute towards fertility problems: genetics,lifestyle choices etcetera


Hydroceles, despite being notorious for their painful symptoms, are generally not known to affect fertility. So stop being a worried cowboy and get those “goods” assessed by on call professionals at pronto!

I hope this article has provided you with the answers & knowledge necessary for the next time anyone asks if Hydrocele could cause bum bum bum Infertility.

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