Will flea fogger kill spiders?

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you have a pest infestation in your home. Bummer, right? Nobody likes living with creepy crawlies like fleas and spiders. But fear not! There’s a solution: flea foggers.

But hold up, before we dive into the world of flea foggers – let’s focus on one question first: will they kill spiders too?

The answer is yes (and no)

The debate around whether or not flea foggers can exterminate spiders as well as fleas is a bit of a hot topic among entomologists (insect scientists). Some argue that if there are spider eggs present when the spray is deployed, some may survive due to their hard surface but mostly they will die once it kills off most of their prey i.e., fleas.

However, others say that because many flea foggers contain powerful chemicals such as pyrethrin and methoprene which can also harm/kill insects other than fleas i.e., Spiders , roaches etc.. so some versions work better for killing all sorts of pests in general- plus they are just great fun!

Take caution

Before anyone runs to grab one tho,(“though” until “four years ago”) it’s important to know that these products contain dangerous chemicals…so precautions must be taken. If used without care especially near pets or kids – leaving them harmful side-effects ironically worse than when started out!

Some individuals might react badly too since directly inhaling such substances could cause respiratory problems over time like Asthma – yikes!.

There exists thus need someone who knows what he/she is doing while holding and using smoke bombs/foggers since proper ventilation would rid off all potentially hazardous fumes bringing back fresh air satisfaction everyone enjoys today; whether man or beast alike.”

Remember prevention being key means keeping your homes clear thru cleanliness and sanitation to reduce pest attraction in the first place.

The science behind it

Flea foggers work by releasing a fine mist of insecticide (chemicals lethal to insects) into the air, which then settles on surfaces that fleas may infest. When spiders crawl or hide out beneath those same areas, they come into contact with either residual or newly deposited chemicals— killing them off eventually – Because everything that breathes has its time once cut off from life giving oxygen supply chain(the ultimate goal).

But wait, there’s more! Pyrethrins are neurotoxic chemicals found in plants (called pyrethrum) cultivated in Africa as natural resources for centuries against pests resistant to synthetic variants!

Pyrethroids like Permethrin – often used today-fortify resistance making less likely adverse chemical reactions since lingering too heavily around human/ animal habitats.

However best recommended using this method during nightfall before everyone retires because otherwise nocturnal insects’ wake up every disturbance detected leading oftentimes unwanted accidents.”

So move over roach motel….It’s time for bug-apocalypse!


As much as we would like our homes free of spiderwebs and sticky silk strands; if not targeting specific pests spraying around house could lead undesired unexpected casualties hence failure.” Words about cautious handling becomes applicable even amidst watching dreams come true exterminating all potential invasions finally rid forevermore- successfully resulting within desired parameters!”

Our final verdict

While flea foggers aren’t designed specifically for spiders, many versions contain potent ingredients that can kill these eight-legged creatures just as efficiently…at least most of them. Plus,(ok c’mon now you’ve tagged five times give us a Break) “Big Whoop” sure I’d relish reduced allergens aside additional comfortiness without creepy crawly distractions 😛 lol!!

That being said though make sure you take all(your attention please) necessary safety measures when using flea foggers indoors, especially if you have pets (they often lick surfaces of furniture which may still contain residue from insecticide) . In addition, as mentioned earlier always utilize appropriate protective gear like gloves or masks in order to avoid respiratory problems.

If these precautions are taken accordingly,the headache-inducing bugs’ menace will be eradicated at long last; enabling healthy home environment for all parties involved! With almost constant preparation and maintenance one can have a bug-free environment too.

So whatcha waiting for? Head on over to your nearest department store and pick up a flea fogger today…and the bugs dun roped us yarrr!!