Will black hair dye cover bleached hair?

Are you in search of a new and exciting hair color that will give your look an upgrade? You might have heard about people bleaching their hair before coloring it, but what if you want to go back to black? Well, fear not my fellow hair enthusiasts! In this article, we’ll dive into whether or not black hair dye can cover bleached hair.

Understanding the Basics

Before jumping into answering our question, let’s understand the basics of how bleach affects your natural hair color. When you bleach your dark and luscious locks, it strips off the melanin pigment responsible for giving your strands their beautiful hue. This leaves behind a lighter base on which any subsequent colors are more likely to show up.

Can Black Hair Dye Cover Bleached Hair?

The answer is YES! When applied correctly, black hair dye can effectively cover previously bleached, damaged,and even chemically treated tresses. However, there are some things for you to consider before taking the plunge:

The State of Your Bleach Job Matters

How well did your previous bleach job turn out? Did it leave patches or streaks throughout your head? If so, applying black dye may result in uneven colored portions instead of achieving full coverage.

Therefore, it’s important first to address any issues with lightened spots by evening outthe appearance using toner beforehand.

Getting It Right Takes Some Effort

Achieving a consistent shade requires proper application methods; otherwise, more problems could arise from overlapping areas than when covering unbleached hairs in one sitting. Below is an overview of how best to apply black dye over pre-lightened follicles:

  1. Preparation: Make sure there’s no residual styling product buildup on clean shampooed locks.
  2. Check Color: Be sure that all tones match accordingto target swatch samples or the custom formulation if you made one yourself.
  3. Hair Condition: If your hair is severely frazzled, or chemical processes such as straightening irons have damaged it, consider nourishing with deep conditioner or moisturizing leave-in serum before dyeing.
  4. Application: Start at the roots, applying evenly in broad strokes downwards to the tips of your locks.
  5. Timing & Rinse: Follow instructions and timing guidelines outlined on each product’s packaging for washing out color after leaving on for required duration.

Maintenance is Key

Black hair dye won’t last forever, even when applied correctly over bleached follicles; therefore, maintenance is critical to keep that tresses looking fresh and polished.

After about six weeks, touch up sprouting grey hairs where needed by reapplying black coloring from your roots outward before repeating Steps 2-5 above.

Conclusion: Black Dye Can Cover Bleach Job

In conclusion, yes, black hair dye can be effective in fully covering brassy blondes who’ve decided they want darker doo without having visible root lines! Nevertheless, get ready for some rigorous application work because achieving full coverage takes effort (and a few technical tricks!).

Remember also to focus intensively on post-color care routines such as conditioning treatments and regular trimming sessions so that these delicate braids will look fantastic throughout their life cycle.

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