Will an enema help constipation?

Are you feeling bloated, uncomfortable and unable to have a poo? It’s no secret that constipation can leave us feeling hopeless and downright sitty. However, don’t fret dear reader as hope is on the horizon! In this article, we will be talking about whether using an enema can help in relieving constipation.

What is Constipation?

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become less frequent and challenging to pass. This situation can lead to unwanted symptoms such as abdominal pain/discomfort, bloating, gas or infrequent bowel movements defined by fewer than three times per week (How miserable!).

Causes of Constipation

  • Lack of proper hydration
  • Side effects from medications
  • Dietary factors like lack of fiber intake
  • Too much dairy consumption!
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Don’t worry Enemas are here!

It’s important first for readers to note that Enemas should only bе used occasionaly аѕ a last resort! That being said let’s delve into how they work.

What is An Enema!?

An enema involves injecting liquid directly into your colon via your rectum(fancy eh?), The most common solutions include water but also saline (saltwater) or mineral oil-based solutions depending on what needs flusded out – each carrying its unique benefits!

So How Exactly Does It Work?

  1. First off you position yourself comfortably & insert the nozzle attached to your hired cleaning devil.
  2. Slowly release the solution while holding onto it until completed.
  3. Stay close to a potty just in case things turn ugly(short distance runs).
    4 Voila – Your Bowels will thank you later!(if they could talk)

Pros & Cons Associated With Using an Enema


1. Quick relief – Talking instant action eh(forget a cup’a tea you’ll be good to go in no time.)
2. Very efficient – Unlike other remedies, enemas eliminate almost everything stuck inside because of the solution being pumped up there!
3. It’s cheap and readily available from drug stores even for at home use!


  1. Messy- I mean come it’s an invasive procedure what do you expect? A chaotic affair is bound to happen if not done properly, Costing us some more spare underwear (Dow Jones Index Taking a hit AGAIN!)
  2. Potential Risks/exposure – This can occur when undergoing the process alone or without correct medical provisions(lower risk if done under medically trained personnel)
  3. Perforation aka Potentially putting a hole in your colon(Awkward much?)
  4. Infection risk(Think old sweaty gym sock stale)

So Will Enemas Help With Constipation?

The excitement about this possibility has intrigued patients for years however:

There are various factors behind whether a given treatment will work.

Now here’s where things get interesting folks….It depends!! Yep that sounds like classic modern medicine right? But hold on we’re not taking any stabs yet…

Factors Determine Whether An Enema Can Treat Constipation

  • Reason For Constipation – Before reaching for your shopping list consider first the reason why constipated.If its cause is gas trapped within fecal matter then an enema may help unclog said pathway!. But make note:If consumption habits are causing bouts of slow movement then they won’t do too much..munch sensibly huh!

    Reason Yes/Nah
    Stuck Gas + Poop ✔️
    Slightly Too Much Cheese
  • The Pathway getting compacted varies:

Some individuals experience difficulty having their bowel movements smoothly! Some may find help with Enemas, however:

  If the matter is hardened(hard as a rock) or part of an impaction then it can only cause harm. Pushing such will most likely lead to tears in your anus or worse a perforation yikes!(goodbye summer Intensive Care Units!)

  |Difficulty passing stool w/o pain     ||✔️||
  |Anal swelling        ||🚫||
  • Usage Of High-Quality Equipment

Yes you read that correctly just like with any other medical procedure quality plays a big role…why else would we invest so much in our doctors for the best equipment money could buy! Therefore be warned ideally hiring professional enema service personnel seems best opted.

So Will An Enema Help With Constipation? Final Verdict

Ok let’s stop beating around the bush on this one. If applied carefully and accurately according to aforementioned guidelines(Not just when feeling bored), enemas have yielded positive results among constipated patients having their bowel movements regulated again(Everyone likes smooth sailing eh?). In contrast, using them without proper preparations can result in negative side effects ranging from minor discomfort up severe risks of infection/perforated colons(The type of situation less desirable than dating someone who doesn’t believe Pineapple belongs on pizza).

So bottom line people( metaphorically ), use caution while dealing with your bowels –The same cautions needed by me every time I hear the phrase ‘Only one slice per person’ at Olive Garden!

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