Will a hematoma go away?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been hit in the head or body and it’s resulted in a hematoma. Don’t worry, we know how to deal with those bad boys! But the real question on everyone’s mind is: will a hematoma go away? We’ll get to that soon enough.

First thing first:

What is a Hematoma?

A “hematoma” sounds like something out of Star Wars but don’t fret, it’s not as intergalactic as it may seem. A hematoma is simply defined by Medical News Today as “a localized collection of blood outside of blood vessels due to trauma.” This basically means that your little accident has caused some internal bleeding which can build up under your skin and create an unsightly lump or bruise.

Types of Hematomas

There are many different types of hematomas depending on where they occur:

  • Subdural Hematoma
  • Epidural (Extradural) Hematoma
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage
  • Intracranial Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
  • Pseudoaneurysms

So if someone tells you that they have a cerebral hemorrhage don’t freak out and call their mom, they’ll be okay!

Where Do They Happen?

Hematomas tend to form near veins or arteries because these offer easy access for escaping blood. They vary in size from small dots no bigger than pinhead all the way up to lumps larger than an eggplant (now THAT would be awkward). Another important fact about hemotomas – they come in colours!

Colorful Lumps

The colour of your hematome will depend where it’s located . If red-ish , probably closer to surface level featuring more exravagate darker hues while being deeper meaning less common for their original colour to show through. The deeper hematoma, the less likely to appear any visible signs although it’s still there hidden like a chocolate chip cookie in a bag of raisins.

What are the causes?

Hematomas happen for many reasons such as:

  • Accidental damage done when you bump into something.
  • Or after trauma or surgery.
  • Clotting disorders and anticoagulant medicine adding complication that can increase risk .
    Careful though, you could have a blood clot on your skin too, these typically appearing pinkish spots which called “purpura”.

The most important thing is not necessarily what caused it (that ship has sailed), but rather how long until it goes away.

So will my hematoma go away?

That depends! Each individual’s body works differently so no two hematomas will heal at exactly the same rate or disappear completely in the same way. However don’t feel alone in this process because dermatologist say 90% of cases get resolved within one year . If worse comes to worst, talk to Doc because there are medical procedures they can do if all else fails!

It Take Time

It may not be tomorrow nor next week but sooner than you know time will pass and like an embarrassing moment from childhood it’ll become just a memory. To take respite , use ice packs within twenty-four hours from developing hematoma day until about 48 hours afterward; following contact with heat during this period should be avoided being hot due inconvenience directly afterwards .

Vitamins Help

Surprising enough studies suggest antioxidants Vitamin K along Calcium Magnesium supplements beneficial role help healmhematone faster leading towards quicker resolution compared without taking them .

How Long Will Mine Take?

Look No Farther – Without sounding too serious…be prepared for multi-colored bruise filled reality for next few days before initial recovery phase begins, healing mode more or less ends around six weeks.

One Week In, slight reduction noticeable!

Two Weeks Later, it’s almost like an artefact of the accident. Although, make sure to be careful because any pressure can cause them to reform faster resulting in longer wait time for it to disappear all together!

The Bottom Line

Hematomas suck but a little patience and kindness towards your body goes along way. No one wants anxiety about being seen with huge itsy bitsy spider looking mark but they’re normal after taking knocks . They generally heal within weeks, so don’t hesitate making call if recovery isn’t quickly noticed, there could need something else which needs to be dealt with . Stay calm and carry on…or at least sit still until you’ve recovered fully.