Will a 5mm kidney stone pass on its own?

Kidney stones are one of the most painful medical conditions a human can experience. It’s like being punched in the stomach by Chuck Norris, repeatedly. If you’ve ever had one, you know what I mean.

In this article, we’re going to take a light-hearted approach and explore whether or not a 5mm kidney stone will pass on its own. Because let’s face it, laughter is the best medicine…especially if that medicine is morphine.

What Is a Kidney Stone?

Before we dive into whether or not your little friend will pass on its own, let’s talk about what exactly a kidney stone is. Simply put, it’s essentially a small rock that forms in your urinary tract because of minerals and salts that crystallize together.

Fun fact: The largest recorded kidney stone weighed almost two pounds! Imagine passing that bad boy through your urethra

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

The symptoms vary from mild to severe depending upon their size. Symptoms include:

  • sharp pain in your lower abdomen/back/groin/ genitals/buttocks
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • fever
  • frequent urge to urinate but producing only minimal amount

If you have experienced any of these symptoms before without any apparent reason for them happening (e.g., no flu-like illness), then there could be an underlying problem causing them – such as kidney stones.

Will My 5mm Kidney Stone Pass On Its Own?

Now onto the question at hand – “Will my 5mm kidney stone pass on its own?” After all, who doesn’t love playing Russian roulette with their bladder?

First things first: When you say “on its own”, do you mean simply waiting around for nature to take its course? Or are there lifestyle changes or remedies you can try to “help it along”?

Natural Passage of Kidney Stones

So, let’s talk about the natural passage of a kidney stone.

If your 5mm kidney stone is on its way out and you’re okay with that approach then grab some popcorn! It’s like waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones – agonizing but worth the wait.

  • The average time frame for passing stones naturally ranges from several days to a few weeks.
  • Drinking plenty of water can make it easier for them to pass more quickly by hydrating yourself
  • You may also need pain medication because God knows morphine isn’t cheap.
  • Busting out your Excalibur moves on that Rock‘n’roll ringtone (Ultra Sonic sound wave therapy)


Certainly, if you have suffered through this hurly-burly before, you are aware how essential painkillers are in making things bearable since we’re not all as tough as Chuck Norris. A heating pad or warm bath might just bring relief too.

Ultrasound Wave Therapy/Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

And if none other options work then get down and try Ultra Sonic Soundwave Therapy (SWL). Unfortunately, use it indiscriminately and they’ll want their $10,000+ machine returned post-haste! Also known Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), will use high-frequency sound waves which will break up large stones into smaller piecesmaking them easier to pass.

PreventionBetter Than Cure

One thing is for sure: prevention is always better than cure when talking about any health issue – including kidney stones! Here are some ways that could help diminish their likelihood:

  2. limit salt intake————-
    3.limit animal protein—————–
  3. reduce sugar consumption————————————-
  4. seek medical support———————–


If you’re in the midst of passing a stone
, just remember there are options available to manage pain while waiting for nature to take its course if that’s your MO. But let’s not linger too long on that topic – it’s giving me phantom cramps.

Remember prevention is always better than cure and keeping yourself hydrated is essential in avoiding kidney stones.

Stay healthy, hydrated and most importantly keep laughing! Because when it comes down to it – laughter is cheaper than morphine.

Glossary/ Footnotes

· -figurative language
-phrasal verb
-literal meaning
-Synonyms or different terms for medically jargon
urinary channel ‘the pee hole’
Based upon empirical studies instead our perception
\n ·
Benign optioneering
\n · -Just sit back and binge-watch Stranger Things instead
\n ## Tips——————————
—According Statistcsource X; Men should drink about three liters (about~~~13 cups)of water per day.
– An average size bag of chips typically contains between 1200–1500 mg Sodium
-Animal protein includes meats such as beef or chicken
– Soft drinks have an unhealthy amount of added sugar
rather go with some fruit anytime
-Medical help eventually needed after one hour without urinating————————
Fruit | Count |
| ————————— | —————:|
Apples | $1 |
Oranges | $2 |
Mangoes | $65 |

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