Why you shouldn t eat kfc?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of the most well-known fast-food chains around the world. With over 24,000 locations in 145 countries, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that hasn’t been tantalized by their alluring aroma! However, if you’re thinking about heading over there for lunch today, allow us to convince you otherwise.

The Secret Ingredient

You might have heard rumors and conspiracies surrounding how KFC gets its chicken so crispy and finger lickin’ good. Some people say it’s because they dip it in buttermilk before frying. Others think there’s some secret ingredient involved in the process.

Well drum roll pleaseMonosodium glutamate (MSG)!

Yep! That magical seasoning that makes every dish taste like heaven has magically found its way into your favorite fried chicken recipe at KFC. MSG gives food an irresistible umami flavor but sadly comes with detrimental side effects such as headaches and nausea. So much for being finger lickin’ delicious- more like finger licking poison!

Sound Good Now? Just Wait…

If monosodium glutamate wasn’t enough reason already to put down the bucket and step away slowly… let us warn you about what else could be on those deep-fried chickens from hell:

Trans fats

Partially hydrogenated oil is used at many fast food restaurants including KFC because of its long shelf life; which our health doesn’t benefit from due to increases cholesterol levels which cases cardiovascular diseases (heart attack!)

High Calories

A typical serving can rack up between 700 -1200 calories deoends on your order preference making red meat higher meaning consuming high level of calories paired with low physical activity can lead obesity risk und lower metabolic rate.

Sodium overload

One serving of KFC chicken contains about 1,000 milligrams of sodium–which is almost half of the recommended daily amount! A high-sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure and other serious health problems.

Antibiotics in Meat

KFC admits that it uses genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and hormones when raising chickens. Another little-known fact is they use antibiotics too. This overuse can contribute to antibiotic-resistant bacteria—making your body less effective at fighting off diseases (hello pandemic!).

With this knowledge now firmly etched into our minds, we have an obligation to persuade you out there who still patronize KFC regularly!

So What Happens After?

What happens after eating fast food junk like KFC’s fried chicken might seem insignificant since taste has been satiated for a while right? Hmmmm… think again!!!

Here are five immediate changes that occur within an hour after indulging:

  • The energy breakdown process becomes much more difficult compared to chewing & swallowing nutrient-dense snacks.
  • Vital organs start working extra hard trying to digest worthless calories rather than nutrients
  • Blood sugar spikes from several hundred mg/dL= indicating diabetes risk (hmm diabetes from deliciousness?)
  • Inflammation starts slowly causing damage which would rapidly increase if you indulge consistently.. go figure!
  • Fatigue sets in because glucose level drops immediately

Let us give you a few moments to ponder what all these terrible side effects do not only TO but FOR us!

Stick with me on this next one as I’m going graphic

Chicken Genitals Anyone?

Perhaps the most disgusting thing that customers don’t know about their favourite smokestack (see, told ya so with uncommon vocabulary ay!),is what part/kind of meat pellets they are consuming… and it could be anything!

Accordingly workers or suppliers release dirty secrets whereby noone seems interested in tail or feather processing!
Even dubious organs such as the chicken’s head, feet or hands are sold to shady buyers. And all of these questionable parts can find their way into your meal at KFC or any other fast food place for that matter (beauty!)

Eating anything from a fryer where body parts of an animal has been splashed around isn’t exactly ideal and it leans towards cannibalism my people- ARE YOU LISTENING?

The Marketing Gimmick

Let us run this by you:

You’re under pressure because of work, family responsibilities but also yearning to indulge in some comfort eating with easy meals just like those juicy drumsticks at Kentucky Fried ChickenOne problem though–their mission is not to provide healthy foods!!!

Their mission statement clearly states ‘to sell non-nutritious food which doesn’t form part if our regular meals… and yet we keep feeding ourselves what over time proven would lead us nowhere health wise? ( madness)

KFC spends billions annually on marketing campaigns trying to lure you back with catchphrases like “I’m Lovin’ It!”—and they sure mean it (money talks). This endless entreaty compresses your senses daily pushing you into their greasy palms.

Covertly slip away before the urge starts up again


In summation, let me quote someone smart who said..”we look them in the eye/our choice between hustling/bustling restaurants affects our systems negatively..”

It might be hard avoiding occasional deep-fried delicacies but consistent choices leading to unhealthy consumption patterns may contribute obesity-related illnesses!

Put down that Colonel Sanders busting bucket limed green scarf wear heaved over his neck spread across TV ads appealingly very well…. turn your backs vehemently man, I repeat VEHMENTLY!!!!!!!

Don’t let advertising gimmicks and artificial flavors fool you, your health is too important to squander.

Choose wholesome meals which contribute to a long healthy life today!