Why use lubricant gel?

We all have heard the phrase “slippery when wet”, but have you ever wondered why some things are naturally slippery while others are not? The answer is quite simple – lubrication.

Lubricants help reduce friction between two surfaces by providing a layer of protection that allows them to glide smoothly over each other. This can be applied in various settings, including machinery and personal hygiene. One common form of lubricant used for personal care purposes is the lubricating gel.

In this article, we will discuss what lubricating gels are and why they are important for sexual health.

What Is Lubricant Gel?

Firstly, let’s define what a lubricating gel is. A water-based lube made up of ingredients like glycerin and propylene glycol enables easy gliding into an orifice without causing irritation or pain during sex acts. It enhances pleasure which makes it popular amongst most adults who engage in sexual intercourse with another human being.

However, there has been rising trends seen recently where customers prefer to use organic substitutes such as coconut oil as Lubes too! What started out as ‘emotional self-care’ later transcended into physical self-care!

The Benefits Of Using Lubricant Gel

Using a product such as a bottle of natural lubes doesn’t make you any less athletic (if anything resilient!). Added below would be more underlying benefits using Organic Lubes offers:

Decrease Discomfort & Dryness – drier skin tends to get irritated easily if exposed to frictional forces repeatedly; however, applying these gel products ensures your body remains hydrated which avoids dry skins getting chafed-up.

Anal Sexual Pleasure – it’s common knowledge how sensitive some people can be on entry-level point stimulation basically anal penetration/dilation could lead to damage however giving yourself time doing foreplay coupled with Lubricant gels could prevent friction burn, internally.

Safe With Condoms – Using lubrication gel paired with the application of condoms makes for better safer sex playtime. It helps in reducing any impediment towards harming the rubber quality, thus ensuring a very safe experience because let’s be honest pregnancy scares are worse than anything else!

Prevent STI Transmission – Slip-ups can still happen, which is why minimizing risks through such aids would help keep your private regions secure from transferred STD’s/STIs by adding an extra layer of protection during intimate moments.

Types Of Lubricant Gels

There are quite a lot of options at hand when becoming an active Gel lube user; we’ve broken it down below under some subheadings:


The best thing about water-based products is that they don’t stain your bedsheets/clothes and they’re super easy to wash off! Hence if you’re not someone who likes constantly changing bed cover/sheets this may ideally work for you. Although remember reapplication might be frequently essential since it evaporates quickly doing its job continuously thereafter could prove tiresome sometimes.


Most silicone based gels will last way longer than their water-based counterparts along with overall providing more slickness due to non-absorbency in areas like rectum or vagina.

Considering this formula tends to hold up against moisture better unlike Organic brands which gives flexibility (or maybe availability) depending on preference absolutely ideal hence given that outdoor sexual soirees too wouldn’t hurt anyone!

However there are certain exceptions wherein lesser known individual(s) have sensitive skin conditions/discomfort wearing synthetic materials should avoid using these specific types without consulting medical advice beforehand. That means even abstaining from toys as well made out of similar materials is pertinent including penis rings etcetera.


One could say Oil Based lubes derived from nature has become rather famous here recently, as it could also double up being used as massage oils! This variant definitely wins its brownie points for having longer-lasting lubrication than it’s Water-based and silicone-based counterparts.

However the only drawback would be oil based variants not getting along well with latex condoms i.e. can make condoms susceptible to breaking down during intercourse hence manual solo play post intimacy called after!

Final Thoughts

Lubricant Gel does a perfect job in both vaginal and anal sex by reducing/disappearing any cause of friction generated internally which consequently leads to censure or even downright hurting those parts.

Everybody deserves a good amount of pleasure from their sexual indulgences; thus choosing options like organic lubes made out of natural substances will give one just that without exposing themselves to harsh chemicals/irritants filled alternatives. So, go ahead explore all there is around the market before settling on what works best for you- Happy hunting everybody!

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