Why person dies of bullet?

A small percentage of combat deaths are due to a condition known as a “tension pneumothorax”—colloquially, a collapsed lung. The lungs have no muscles. They expand due to negative pressure inside of the pleural cavity, which means any type of hole is bad.

Why does someone die from a bullet in the head? The reason you die from a shot with a bullet isn’t the compression of the brain but the rebounding of the brain, which whacks the skull. With a Minié ball and a rifled musket, you get more penetrating power but it is still less lethal than a modern bullet.

Can a bullet only damage one hemisphere of the brain? This is because, in the case of a front-to-back gunshot, it’s possible that the bullet will only damage one hemisphere of the brain, while the other is left unaffected. Our brain is a resilient organ and tantamount to a twin-engine plane that can work even upon losing one engine.

What happens if a bullet goes through the stomach? If the bullet rips through the stomach, the stomach will begin to dump bile into the peritoneal cavity. If the bullet wound is closed so not much air can enter the peritoneal cavity, there is less risk of the lungs collapsing. If the wound is not cleaned and the stomach is not repaired, though,…

Can a bullet be lodged in the heart? In some cases a bullet may be lodged in a part of a vital organ like the myocardium (heart) without piercing the heart cavity,however this bullet is unlikely to be compatible with life.