Why lactated ringers?

Are you tired of plain old saline solution? Look no further, because lactated ringers solution is the answer to all your problems! So what exactly is this mysterious elixir, and why should you choose it over other solutions? Let’s dive in!

What are Lactated Ringers?

Lactated ringers (LR) solution is a type of intravenous fluid that contains water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium lactate. It closely resembles the electrolyte composition of human blood plasma which makes it an effective replacement for body fluids lost due to injury or surgery. But let’s be real here – who cares about all those technical details when we can talk about the fun stuff?!

A Brief History

Lactated ringers were invented way back in 1882 by two guys named Sydney Ringer and Alexis Hartmann. However, their discovery was initially looked down upon as doctors believed that pure water would suffice for rehydration purposes.

Thankfully though, medical science evolved from then on and through extensive research (which was probably really boring) they were able to determine the optimal composition of body fluids. The result? LR became widely used across hospitals worldwide.


So why exactly should you make LR your go-to IV fluid? Here are just a few benefits:

Wide Range of Uses

LR can be used to treat various conditions including dehydration caused by diarrhea or vomiting, burns or trauma resulting in loss of bodily fluids as well as metabolic acidosis.

Electrolytes Galore

As mentioned earlier, LR has an impressive number of essential electrolytes- giving it an edge over regular saline solutions when treating specific conditions such as hypovolemia (which basically means life-threatening low blood volume) , which requires the replacement more than mere saltwater-like iv fluids can provide.. These dissolvable ions contribute to a range of biological processes throughout the body, from electrical impulses to cell function. So not only does LR help rehydrate you, but it helps restore these important bodily functions as well.

Suitable for Most Patients

LR is suitable for most patients including children and pregnant women provided that a medical professional administers it. Since lactated ringers have an electrolyte composition close to human blood plasma, your body can easily absorb and tolerate them without causing trouble

Side Effects

As with anything we put in our bodies – there lies an inherent chance of unwanted consequences if you don’t use LR responsibly( i.e., under doctor’s care). However, overall lactated ringers are quite safe when administered by competent healthcare professionals. But Wait! Here come the problems….Just kidding (we like keeping things light here) According to a recent study published on PubMed, complications such as acidemia, hyperkalemia or fluid overload may occur though they are usually minor and manageable.

Comparison with Saline Solution

So what sets Lactated Ringers apart from saline solution? Aren’t they both just fluids which aid hydration? In short – nope!

Here’s how they differ.


Lactated Ringesr contains electrolytes (such as potassium), bicarbonate precursors (sodium lactate) whereas normal saline solution has sodium chloride dissolved in water—period! This makes LR way more versatile because it balances out alkalosis and metabolic abnormalities caused by loss of gastric juices during surgery better than plain-old salty-solution

Uses Throughout Surgery

While saline solutions might just do their job in maintaining basic functions throughout surgery some procedures need a bit more oomph…LR becomes crucial mainly because its high buffering capacity allows surgeonsto perform laparotomies longer periods without having to change iv-fluid prescriptions amidst volatile physiological changes foundonly around operating tables. Now isn’t that impressive?


So that’s it – lactated ringers in a nutshell. Is it the solution to all your problems? No, but hey- it’s certainly an essential life-supporting medical fluid with distinct advantages over any other saltwater solutions when used under direct supervision by healthcare professionals. Thus knowing about its benefits would only be advantageous in case of emergency!

At endof the day unless you’re some kind of IV-fluid enthusiast (which is totally cool!), no one will ever win Trivia night just because they can recite LR’s exact formula off-hand. But maybe next time instead of trying to spew out dull technical terms,you could tell a lighthearted joke about how Caesar approved this cocktail and walk away as victor – who knows what works nowadays anyways right?. And if someone asks why you prefer LR over saline..teach’em!(withoutboredom!)

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