Why is urine different colors?

Ah, urine – the yellow liquid that signals our body’s waste removal process. While most of us think of urine as simply yellow, it can come in a variety of shades and hues. In this article, we will explore why urine can be different colors and what those colors may mean.

The Basics Behind Urine Color

Before diving into the different colors of urine, it’s important to understand what gives it its color in the first place. Urine gets its hue from a pigment called urochrome which is produced from the breakdown of hemoglobin found in red blood cells.

While urochrome is responsible for most standard yellow colorations seen in pee (sorry folks), many other factors such as hydration levels or certain foods can affect its brightness or tint.


If you came here looking for an answer to why your wee-wee looks like apple juice concentrate every morning then look no further! The normal yellow coloration comes mainly from bile pigments converted by gut bacteria, so Congratulations on keeping yourself hydrated!

However if this shade changes desaturated pallette such as brownish-yellow or orange that could be some signs pointing towards dehydration because darker more concentrated urine indicates less diluted with water which might indicate that one needs adequate hydration to help flush out toxins making yupee flow toned down again?

Another good tip-off: hold off on those vitamins before your doctor’s appointment or risk something more vivid than sunshine coming out next time you hit up them porcelain plains
you don’t want your pee-titioners running away now would ya 😉

Yellow also closely observed by sportsmen who have been warned about drug tests; methylene blue taken to make microsurgery procedures easier turn pee supersymmetrical Crayola blues! So please notify medical staff beforehand.

Darker Shades Of Yellow And Orange

Dehydration isn’t always indicated only by decrease in frequency of urination, but when that pee looks dark gold or orange be expecting thirst to itch.

If this continues for a while, expect some changes in kidney functions like creating stones and infectionsssss (stay away from touching fork to mouth if anynookie so become Yellowman and the steel!). Even blue can resultand sometimes stoners pop painful calcified surprise erratically.

Pink / Red

Seeing pink or red after peeing is an immediate cause for concern as it can indicate blood in your urine – something our bodily fluids tend not to have.

While there are many possible reasons why blood may appear in your urine ranging from UTIs to prostate cancer (A word no man wants… rephrase), it’s important you consult with your doctor immediately if you see even the slightest hint of reddish coloration during a tinkle break! If detected on time they’re more easily taken care of!

Eating Beets And Its Connection To Pink/Red Urine

Outwardly chilling but internalizing beetroot might spin things around because some pigments found not just in beats but also blackberries/raspberries turn toilet tiptoe tingent like cranberry juice. A slip up by mistake confused with medical diagnosissmh).

However imposter beetroot pee should fade within hours allowing you normalcy again albeit temporary.


Ever wonder how dogs get healthy poo-poo number 2s everytime? Well congratulations- welcome to doghood! Just kidding; brown-shaded pee could mean liver problems (ways out make such an excuse huh) , haemolytic anaemia, dehydration etcetera! #ew.

It may sound funny but the root cause serious liver issues which affects bile production needed…AND IF NOT TREATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IT COULD LEAD TO LIVER FAILURE AND DEATH YEP YOU READ THAT RIGHT MY FRIEND

Bottom line is to get your condition checked and treated as early as possible!

Medicinal Causes Of Brown Pee

If it isn’t the liver per say causing brown urine but you still observe this shade then you should talk to your doctor about any medication that may have led to it. Some commonly prescribed drugs, such as Januvia for type 2 diabetes or chloroquine drug used in malaria treatment can cause said symptoms.

Green / Blue

While rare, green-hued pee could happen via bile pigments mixing with other chemicals and medications which also fall short of providing scientifically advanced colorants(e.g food coloring)

At times ,medication colors our pee blue-green e.g Propofol; a sedative drug used during surgery interferes innocently with urochrome levels manifesting in uncontrollably bright coolorful peeing sessions…accompanied by lots of laughter?

Either way, while greenish-blue urine may seem alarming initially – unless pink or red- another opinion from a doctor helps disregard issues!

White / Cloudy

Ever wonder what psyllium husk supplements do inside? Forthwith white/ cloudy appearing urine tends towards urinary tract infectionsssss (it’s safe though we wear masks these days)- are contagious amongst more than one gender(sorry guys) –clears throat- multiple sex partners (there we go if felt wrong putting ‘women’ there).
Who would’ve thought all that grunting at Pilates class was going down(just kidding!).

These infections could give off milky/cloudy-colored urination so making an appointment pronto to see specialist comes highly recommendable.

Possible Foods And Drinks Behind Cloudy Urine

If you think back on that cheese-filled pizza, ice cream sundae smorgasbord every once in a while doesn’t exclude me either! Remember how cloudy-that last trip down yonder today made urine look?

Foods such as milk or dairy products can make urine appear white/cloudy after a heavy consumption, harmless yeast infections aid this change as well.

What to Do in Case of Unusual Urine Coloration?

First and foremost remember that the fact our body produces any sort of colored waste is naturale.Think about caterpillars- they spin silk out their behinds! Basic steps like drinking water more frequently, avoiding certain foods may help bring color back. However if it persists beyond 24 hours and for symptoms worsen seek assistance .

It’s always advisable to consult with your physician on what you need to adjust so next time you pee the shade would feel right.

So go ahead and finish off those beets (don’t forget water) – but keep an eye out below!

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