Why is pleurisy worse at night?

Have you ever experienced that sharp pain in your chest when taking a deep breath or coughing? If so, then it’s highly possible that you’re suffering from pleurisy. The good news is, pleurisy isn’t life-threatening and can be treated with proper medication. However, it can become quite bothersome at night – let’s explore why!

What is Pleurisy?

Before getting into the details of why pleurisy becomes worse at night, let’s discuss what exactly is pleurisy! It’s an inflammation of the lining surrounding the lungs and chest cavity called pleura. When there’s inflammation present in this area due to illness or injury, breathing deeply or coughing can cause intense pain.

Pleuritic pain tends to get worse with movement or even lying down on one side since breathing heavily will make your ribcage move more than if you were just sitting still.

Note: Here are some conditions that could lead to developing plueritis:
– A respiratory infection such as pneumonia
– Lung Cancer
– Autoimmune disorders

So now we know what pleurisy actually means; let’s have a look into factors which makes it worse during sleep hours.

## Causes of Pleuratatic Pain
In order to figure out why sleeping exacerbates these symptoms we have first understand the contributing causes:


We tend not to move as much when we sleep compared to other times throughout our day time routine.In cases where one might be inactive for longer period such as bed ridden especially for lung related illnesses;the lack of muscular activity against decreased smooth lung tissue ventilation increases pressure exertions on lungs,in return amplifying any inflammatory responses thus aggravating pluertic pains..

Accumulated Stress on Affected Area

Due to physical relaxations like increased blood volume settling towards abdomen while asleep combined with diminished chest space ;pleural effusion in case of pneumothorax or condensed plasma from inflammation can accumulate to one side making it unbearable to sleep on for the sufferer.

Hormonal Changes

It may be difficult to believe but hormonal changes occurring throughout our day plays a crucial role in how we feel physically and mentally.In relation touching upon the fact that Cortisol,a hormone responsible for reducing inflammation,are produced less while sleeping thus contributing added soreness.

Symptoms of Pleurisy at Night

By now you should understand why moves such as rolling over,determines how much pain & nighttime disturbances suffering individuals will experience with pleuratatic diseases.Now let’s take a look at some common symptoms that come alongside this ailment:

  • Sever sharp pain usually experiencd by patients during inhalation or coughing.
  • Shortness of breath
  • High Temperature/fever accompanied by chills – General body discomforts

Note: While the associated pains become worse through night time activity,further precations like immediate medical attention should be taken if breathing becomes painful or labored under any circumstance.Please always contact your physician in emergency cases.

## Treatment

Treating Plueritis symptoms can start with identifying the infection which led to it.Check out some solutions for easing overnight plueritic problems:


Your doctor might prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs along wit antibiotics where needed depending on underlying cause coupled with fluid draining around area affected; remedies surface level swelling.Such treatments work best when combined together.

Posture and Sleeping Positions

Another intervention would be changing up sleeping postures.Avoid laying on infected side but rather rest upright leaning against pillows.This position helps keep lungs open thus relieving suppression within respiratory regions.The accompanying photo shows ideal sleeping positions.

Hugging an additional pillow between legs also assists distributing weight evenly across back while stabilizing core muscles deeper below hips.

One could also sleep sitting up in bed or someone might be encouraged to try trendelenburg position where feet are slightly above level.This helps drain fluids away from lungs thus lessening the severity of pains.

Home Remedies

Besides medication and sleeping positons, there are some home remedies one could utilize which help alleviate pain such as:
– Use hot/cold compression pads over area affected by pluerisy.( The image below shows a heating pad )

Heating Pad for Pleurisy

This helps reduce inflammations.

  • Increasing Fluid Intake would also aid in reducing inflammation levels; taking warm drinks can ease breathing difficulties.

  • Rest becomes crucial during recover periods.Cassava leaves ( Or green leafs which contain high quantities of vitamin C ) brewed in tea forms has been shown to relax muscle spasms..


Pleuritic pain can be quite unbearable especially at night but understanding its causes and symptoms definitely eases diagnoses early-onthus treating it before leaving any extensive internal damage.Solutions like effectivemedications,sleep postures together with certain practical steps improve ones nightly routine while recuperating.The ideologies behind alternative medicines should further serve as supplement treatment routes . It is important that you take medical attention immediately if symptoms persist!

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