Why is my sugar low?

Are you feeling groggy, dizzy, or hangry? Chances are that your sugar levels have plummeted! But why did they crash in the first place? In this article we’ll delve into the different factors causing our sugar to drop like a hot potato.

Food Factors

Missing Macro-nutrients

Your body needs all three macro-nutrients to function — protein for muscle repair; fiber for digestion; and carbohydrates for energy. Without enough carbs, your sugar can take an unfortunate nosedive. You don’t have to chow down on pasta every day but try eating healthier carbs such as sweet potatoes or brown rice instead of doughnuts 1.

Salty Surprise

MSG-rich foods may give your taste buds a party they can appreciate but sometimes it leaves our pancreas flustered trying to produce enough insulin than what our body initially needed. The sudden increase in blood glucose then leads to a depressing dive which doesn’t add any good sides on our healthy experience list (1).

Munching at night

Eating late-night snacks might sound fun especially when stand-up comedy feels bland without chips and dip combo but metabolism follows its schedule no matter how hard one might try defying it. When one overloads its last meal with calories and high-carbs regulars like ice cream their metabolic activity slows down which causes sleep disturbances alongside dropping blood-glucose levels along with other numerous setbacks(2)

Health Issues

Medical conditions play a role too when it comes to low-sugar levels:

Hormonal Imbalance

Ladies, Aunt Flow brings more than cramps and mood swings: her hormones– estrogen & progesterone– tend affects sugar regulation wherein during ovulation things get darker since while estrogen climbs up the ladder – so does insulin sensitivity resulting in low blood sugars forcing you munchies at late hours of the day. (3)


People with Diabetes deal with blood sugar related issues regularly so staying on top of their nutrition regimen and insulin dosage recommendations from physicians – especially those that cause low blood sugar, such as changing up exercise routines or increasing alcohol consumption (4)


Insulin does what?!

For some people who use insulin injections like it’s a way to charge themselves before ultimate sports competition have to be wary since taking an extra dose is not only pointless but the action can attract dire consequences that may end in dangerously lowered glucose levels oftentimes caused internally without any symptoms observance hence making over-dosing one unexpected reason causing these crashes.

Some medications used for conditions completely unrelated diabetes – cough syrup & antidepressants release more insulin than your body knows what to do with leading severe hypoglycemic episodes Noted by several Cases of Severe Hypoglycemia Leading To Coma With Antidepressant Use (6)

Age-related Factors

Growing older has never been harder: you deplete more energy and feel even crappier when things are awry:

Seniors Need Carbs too!

As we age our metabolism slows down leads us into thinking less carbs is better – odds hit bigger as we reach seventy and older – which increases risk towards inconsistent sugar levels reflecting — ingestion impacting carbohydrate quantity reduction strongly affecting elderly mortality rates due improper nutrient components through reduced food intake size(5)

External factors

Apart from our health maintenance strategy various other integral isolated reasons might contribute major drops in bloodstream-sugar surge.

Alcohol Drinking Habits

A glass or two just for evening high sounds cool now doesn’t it? And then comes Friday night lights where immense drinking habits flock carefree dispositions sometimes causing background inconveniences none being minor low-blood-sugars. Since liver finds its hands tired trying to control glucose production in conjunction with alcohol metabolization.

Numerous factors can affect our blood sugar: from what we eat and drink, to the medications we take, even things like hormonal imbalance or ageing. Keeping a track on foods and meals also consulting physicians is utmost important for their patients undergoing intense health-issues of diabetes because any nap taken by them without consistent following can lead to uncontrollable situations due lowered blood sugar level crashes too dangerous towards human endurance should never be ignored – let alone treated lightly(8).


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