Why is my stomach hurting on the right side?

If you have found yourself here, chances are that you’re feeling some discomfort on the right side of your abdomen. But why does this happen? What could be causing it? And most importantly, how can you make it go away so you can finally get back to binge-watching Netflix in peace without being a victim of crippling stomach pain?

The anatomy of our digestive system

Before we delve into what might be happening with your insides, let’s first talk about how the human abdominal area is set up.

Our intestines essentially look like two coiled hoses – one larger than the other. The large intestine starts from where our small intestine ends and runs along the outside edges of our core muscles towards our rectum. It has several sections:

  • Cecum
  • Ascending colon
  • Transverse colon
  • Descending colon
  • Sigmoid colon

On top of these organs sit quite crucial areas such as kidneys, liver and pancreas- all which makes us appreciate just what marvellous creatures we humans really are!

The appendix also hangs out around these parts but mostly gets blamed for everything when something goes wrong – because blaming somebody else never seems to get old.

These organs play specific roles in breaking down food substances to extract important nutrients that supply energy for life processes to proceed effectively.

You may also want to picture slices through your trunk; four major bodies lie beneath your ribcage:

1) Your ​heart​,
2) Your left by-slung lung,
3) A few inches/centimeters below/leftwards lies spleen nestled under ribs,

4) Further down yet still on left kidney lying close against muscle known as psoas major/Musculus iliopsoas This structure helps maintain stance and supports normal movement in any posture

And then there are those interlopers hanging out oh so casually: intestines, liver and gallbladder sitting more or less in the middle of your gut.

The Causes of Stomach Aches on Right Side

Now that we’ve had a brief anatomy lesson – let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What might be causing you to feel some discomfort on the right side of your abdomen?

1. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed, which usually results from excessive alcohol use, as well as other factors like high cholesterol levels or certain medications- I’m no doctor but it sounds like drinking heavily is probably not a good idea. Some common symptoms associated with pancreatic inflammation include:

  • Pain in upper abdomen
  • Abominable Bloating
  • Tenderness
  • Nausea/vomiting/refusing food/ liquid consumption

Like highlighted within this context, you best avoid booze if you want to live free and pain-free at least walkabout without ever having felt sharp right-sided tummy tang or unrelenting spells left half-torso agony.

2. Gallstones

Gallstones form when substances such as cholesterol crystallize in your bile ducts instead-of being broken down into smaller pieces known medically “micelles” By our talented digestive enzymes! This can cause significant abdominal pain We have all heard those stories about large hailstone stones falling out harming innocent people below: I suppose this means we should also start worrying about internal hailstorms too! Symptoms commonly associated with gallstone formation include:yellowish discoloration around eyes/skin, nausea/vomiting/poor appetite /frequent belching.

And while there’s nothing funny about experiencing these things – please rest assured knowing that at least they aren’t made up by me for shits and giggles (haha…get it? Poop humor!)

3. Appendicitis

We mentioned earlier how easily it is to point fingers to the appendix. But in all fairness, this little organ does actually cause quite a lot of mayhem when it decides to act up.

Appendicitis happens when our dear friend, the appendix (sarcasm implied), becomes inflamed and swollen because of a blockage inhibiting free flow of digestive substances. It typically results in pain beginning near one side or another part tending toward navel tenderness gradually spreading outward sometimes accompanied by fever excessive sweating poor appetite Since this condition can result in serious complications if left untreated – including death- make sure you seek medical attention immediately if you suspect this might be what’s causing your stomachache!

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is no joke Regardless of animal fears appearing on the internet that implies otherwise”respected senior pythons ought not his hehe!), and we’re sure anyone who suffers from it can tell ya: shit ain’t funny!

But alas, we’re gonna try anyways since humor is universal.

This condition basically means that anything from certain foods/drinks/smells/ medicines/bad jaw movements( my attempt at some far-fetched idea!)can set off stomach irritation.. Symptoms linked with it vary widely but include issues like bloating flatulence salt awareness urgency diarrhea little tiny pellet-like waste

It kind of feels like your gut has been commandeered by a group frat boys wreaking havoc on everything they come across which isn’t so bad until it goes too far…then things get messy cdc recommend screening possible underlying causes as opposed treating symptoms alone

Ways To Treat That Right Side Tummy Ache

Now that you have an idea about what could potentially be wrong – here comes the main event. What can you do about it? Here are some remedies for soothing those pesky abdominal pain symptoms:

1. Apply Heat To The Area

A hot compress can work wonders on a strained or gut in distress depending on the cause. Try applying heat directly to your belly using electric heating pads,jugs of heated water/bath towels as little said earlier very gentle and relaxing massage might do trick- Breathe here into it

2. Sip On Some Herbal Tea

Certain types of herbal tea like peppermint tea have antispasmodic properties which means they help stop spasms and cramps that could potentially make feelings worse Consider drinking one cuppa now teehee! when you feel ache coming up.

3. Incorporate Probiotics In Your Diet

Probiotics are good bacteria that live inside our intestines – not just those mushrooms growing ones.. Although everyone’s stomach flora is unique, most people tend to find benefits from taking daily supplements, foods with live cultures such as kefir kimchi sauerkraut miso

One way (hint hint) to ensure that your diet aids this purpose include trying fermented items next grocery haul!

4. Practice Immune-Boosting Measures

To protect against most diseases whether mild affecting single system eg urinary tract infection otitis media or more serious issues like prolonged fever leading convulsion/seizure involves exclusive breastfeeding for first six months,followed by fully balanced calorie-specific diet throughout lifetime plenty sleep hours ,sufficient hydration within limits body requirements regular exercise cuts backupon stress/sharing moments humourous stories longer {five}minutes.


In the grand scheme of things – sometimes all we need is a bit of patience and a willingness to try some natural remedies out before seeking medical assistance.In less comfortable situations, making informed decisions about consulting health care practitioner will relieve symptoms or may save unexpected peril later on.While I hope you found this informative, please remember always seek professional opinion where necessary Even if they come at with large needles shiny scalpels and a very serious face.