Why is my stomach gurgling?

Are you sitting in a meeting or on a date and suddenly hear your stomach making strange noises? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. I bet even the person next to you has probably experienced this before too. Stomach gurgling can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable but it happens to everyone from time to time.

In order to understand why your stomach is making these sounds, we need first of all understand why we have a digestive system (Spoiler Alert: For digestion!).

Digestion 101 – What happens to your food

Digestion begins as soon as you take that first bite of food. Thanks to our teeth that help us break down our food into smaller pieces which helps with easy swallowing.

Once the food enters the mouth cavity it mixes with saliva which contains an enzyme called amylase that kickstarts carbohydrate breakdown right inside your mouth (who knew!). The chewed and partially broken-down meal then heads towards your esophagus for transportation down into the stomach through muscular contractions known as peristalsis where further digestion continues.

After gastric juices get secreted by cells lining up the walls inside the seething cauldron also known as ‘your stomach’; acid pepsin along with sundry enzymes break down carbohydrates, proteins & good old fats. This thorough mixing process liquifies everything present resulting what now essentially looks like soup (attractive right).

This fluid mixture enters into duodenum part of small intestine where bicarbonate from pancreas neutralizes acidity readying everything for remaining reaction chains so nutrients can finally be soaked up across absorptive surfaces after some detailed work courtesy intestinal villi structure projection.

As soon everything gets absorbed into lymphatic vessels passing through liver metabolism getting shelved out via bile ducts afterwards excreted off subsequently post detoxification through intestine so hopefully this makes some sense (if not blame this on gastro-esophageal reflux).

So why does my stomach growl?

Your stomach gurgles because of the process described above that happens in your digestive system. The noise you hear is actually caused by the movement of gas and liquids through your intestines.

When food moves from the stomach to the small intestine, it mixes with digestive juices which produce gas as a result of chemical reactions taking place during digestion (now we are getting technical!). Certain gases may also get built up as well if not eliminated & then later rudely released when they make their way down to colon part; producing sounds accompanying by moments that can be slightly without finesse – yes I am referring to flatulence folks!

In addition, when there is no food or water present in your digestive tract, some pockets in our GI tract (Gastrointestinal Tract) produces noise due to air circulating inside causing these creaky bowel movements.

So next time someone hears their stomach grumbling one should try telling them with absolute sincerity ”hey you sound hungry’’ – perhaps offer some snacks too just for good measure!

When else does my tummy make noises?

There are other reasons besides hunger that causes tummy making weird noises:

1. Anxiety/Stress

Are you someone who gets those big interview jitters or has anxiety about public speaking? Well, it might show off on its own; pushing into showing physical signs including increased heart rate sweaty palms jitteriness and oh hello nausea yup all perfect ingredients for giving an awesome impression! High emotions/Anxiety/Sadness triggers hormones leading towards smoother muscle spurts throughout & resulting present contents shifting more polarizingly leading towards amplified peristalsis & priming everything through irritability resulted manifesting coupled with involuntary contractions hence noticeable ringing churning Gloop-Glop gastric orchestra playing right before any important event/speaking engagement.

2. Food intolerances

Do you experience tummy grumbling soon after eating, especially right after consuming dairy products? You might be lactose intolerant. About 65% percent of people worldwide are actually lactose intolerant – meaning their bodies have difficulty digesting lactose which is a sugar found in milk.

Other common symptoms include abdominal cramps bloating diarrhea etc. Try & cutting down on regular consumptions phasing out subsequently should stop intestine’s unruly uproar.

3. Constipation

Did you know that if it has been more than 3 days since your last bowel movement, your stomach may start to make noises as nothing is moving through the pipes? I mean when one visualizes liquid drain runs down smoothly whenever grease buildup inside sewer lines result very weird groans like sounds probably there will some similar reactions inside (only dirtier)!

Constipation occurs due to a lack of fiber and water intake or perhaps overuse consumption of major antacids – this the boisterous cramping outcomes due higher solids present fixing firmly then moving via bloated sections producing guttural sonorities (got any prune juice handy!?)

How can I prevent my stomach from gurgling?

There are several ways:

Eat Mindfully

Eat smaller meals slowly throughout the day. It reduces undue pressure on one part at once helps reducing open spaces enabling gentle progression through various stages keeping everything much quieter avoiding excessive parallel movements trigging generated by sharp focused contractions.

Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration dilutes intestinal contents aids towards disintegration within solvent medium promoting smoother transit maintaining smooth flow minimizing turbulence hence decreasing borborygmi likelihood such ungracious outputs happening anyone nearby (Refrain from being an acoustic terrorist!).

I think we all agree it seems impossible covering all aspects yet with good important hygiene reflecting wise food choices along relaxed feeding behaviors ensuring fluids rich nutrition solutions fluidly working towards digestive stimulation can definitely make life so much comfortable.

Avoid Foods/Drinks That May Trigger Noises

As previously mentioned, some foods and drinks may be responsible for increasing the possibility of stomach grumbling which includes caffeine carbonated beverages spicy/salty food too much sugar or fats including dairy products (if intolerance).


All in all, there is no need to fret when your stomach starts making weird noises. It’s just a natural process that our digestive system goes through – it happens to everyone from time to time (So don’t judge too harshly!). However, if you experience tummy troubles frequently or are concerned about any peculiar symptoms then seeking medical attention would be wise.

Hope this article helped you learn more about why your stomach grumbles and how best we could minimize noise reduction (for everyone’s sake)!

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