Why is my pinky toenail turning black?

Have you ever looked down at your feet, only to notice that one of your pinky toenails has turned black? You might be wondering what the heck is going on. Don’t worry, my friend, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about why your pinky toenail is turning black.

What causes a blackened pinky toenail?

There are several reasons why your tiny little nail might have gone all goth on you.


One common cause of a blackened nail is trauma to the toe. This could include:

  • Dropping something heavy (like a book or a dumbbell) onto your toe
  • Experiencing constant friction between shoes and nails during physical activity (this can even happen when walking)
  • Slamming or stubbing your toe against an object

If one of these things happened recently, there’s a good chance that trauma is the culprit behind your dark pinky toenail.


If it wasn’t something like dropping weights on yourself, then another possibility is infection.


The most common type of fungal infection in nails comes from dermatophyte fungi (five scientific words already! High five!) . A fungal infection often starts with yellowing and thickening before turning into shades ranging from greenish-yellow champagne color to orange-red sparks falling over some parts/sections/layers (I guess fungus party hard too…) But let’s say it advanced further creating traumatizing experience including splitting skin around and beneath the infected nail sometimes causing remove entire patient’s discomfort vision/action coordination (so please take extra caution regarding this).

Bacteria – Rare but possible!

While less common than fungi infections(Lazy bacteria species smh), bacterial infections(and other conditions)could still have caused myotic changes(damage due bacterial action) in the nail.

Melanoma(a potentially deadly form of skin cancer)

This one is a shocker. Though rare, melanoma can grow under your toenail leading to discoloration that will gradually darken.Moreover,a quick note on avoiding Melanoma- Ensure you apply sunscreen every few hours whilst outdoor esp growing up (Yes idc if ur black or vampire sunshine still penetrates no matter what).

What should I do about it?

So you’ve taken account of all major causes now let’s discuss how to fix that mess!

First and foremost, try not freaking out! While any kind of blackened toe situation may seem scary, it could need little care without professional help.

Here are some steps you can follow:

Home remedies

If trauma was probably the cause:
– You can take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen helps reduce inflammation around traumatized area.
– Soaking your foot in warm and salty water might also ease discomfort-causing bacterial toxins (Also works as stress reliever but hey nobody asked me).

A more serious fungal infection would require antifungal medication(leaving fungus nothing cold blooded /ruthless), highly recommended consulting with Podiatrists(Foot Doctor) for proper recommendation after taking Toe Culture(cross my heart not edible guys). Additionally,bacterial infections too demand specific medical assistance(Don’t wait till they ruin plans); a prescription antibiotic may be sufficient(mind daily routine) .

Professional Care…

Toenail removal necessary especially when home remedies won’t work accompanied by extreme pains.After all prosthetic solution comes handy;but please only consider after extreme consultation since sometimes removing piggy’s last standing finger could affect person ambulatory abilities even make them fall forward mostly when running making things more difficult,but we warned already.


Finally! Last section list the preventive measures so this occasion doesn’t repeat itself.

When it comes to trauma, there are a few things you can do:
– Wear proper shoes esp socks whilst engaging in exercise and/or physical labor
– Pay attention while walking esp when carrying weight or doing plenty of movement with body parts(so basically always)
Infections different tale.Whilst some chance infection might still occur even after all taken measures(prepare for worst hope for best scenario),there specialists whom one can consult(current recommendations remains podiatrists).

All in all,it is important to take care of your toes/feet generally on daily basis so nothing sudden happens enjoy(Your taste buds would crave an evening out tomorrow with feet’s love letter).

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