Why is my nose numb?

Have you ever woken up to a tingling sensation on your face? And once you got out of bed, did it turn into a complete loss of feeling in your nose? You sit there and scratch around the area wondering what’s going on. Fear not dear reader, for today we shall explore why this exquisite sensation is happening.

The Tingle

It starts off like that jittery feeling when sirens go off when you’re trying to enjoy some food in peace. In no time does it transform from that barely-there twitching into something more than just an itch – a numbness. As humans, our first instinct is always to look for reasons why.

  1. Is my nose broken?
  2. Did I sleepwalk?
  3. Am I being punished by Karma?

Well worry not friends! That terrible touch sensation could come from sinusitis or flu blockage because the structures located in your cheeks extend through this region and affect nostril function (who knew?)

What Causes Sinusitis?

Sinuses infections can lead to inflammation in cavities within bones which are sometimes mistaken as ‘hollow’ caves inhabited by dwarves with special powers (at least according to fairy tales). If these get clogged due to swelling or buildups from infection such as mucus, then they can cause numbness somewhere down the line.

But wait! Our morning surprise may also be influenced by lifestyle factors- after all we wouldn’t want our noses getting jealous since they’re so close together!

Lifestyle factors

Who would have thought keeping yourself healthy had any real-world benefits? Stay tuned as we dive deeper:


Smoking tends to increase congestion levels – among other health issues -, which overworks airways leading them closer towards inflammation rendering them inefficient at their jobs . All things considered whether smokers suffer worse effects than non-smokers remains to be researched still.


Our noses aren’t the only affected areas when it comes down to allergies. In accordance with Mayo Clinic some of the allergens that influence sinus infections include: pollen, mold spores, animal dander and dust hence avoiding contact can prevent numbness.

Dry Air

In situations of extremely low humidity levels or during winter times you may notice a hint of dead skin around your face (it’s not just me). Yes, even though forgetting chapstick is bad enough for our lips, but breathing results in dry air which could also contribute towards clogging nasal passages plus ticklish sensations on nostrils as well.

But what if none of these apply? Here are other possibilities:

Other Factors

The following should be considered too because sometimes you just happen to have been cursed by fairy godmother without knowing why (and no prince riding horses through fields shall help here unfortunately).

Temperature & Altitude

It sounds crazy but even upon passing over mountainous terrains or experiencing weather drops can lead to some occasional nose freezing. Maybe its time invest in upgraded gear for physical warmth?

Nerve injury

Depending on where your nerve links were severed exactly this will cause corresponding areas such as cheeks and teeth beneath upper jawline (where maxillary nerve passes) feel that same effect. Not very common but worth noting.

While we’re at it there’s always something else weird going on; thus research has shown certain diseases or disorders able affecting human nervous system potentially resulting in “tingly” feelings on both sides of head/face region. Sounds scary right! Next up:

Remedy Time!

Now don’t worry about googling anything anymore folks👀(that’s Google’s job anyway) since ‘How To Treat Numb Nose’ searches won’t save us from reality hits every so often whether it be from biting noses after snot showing or dipping into the pool a bit too much. Phew!

Besides typical treatments like taking medicines and avoiding certain triggers, there are few other ways to help out little friend:

Nasal Saline Spray

This is probably what most doctors would prescribe if consulted even due to easy availability in nearby stores. Unlike pills which must be dissolved within stomach first this will provide rapid relief since it’s straight nature care of’ Em nostril passages.

Breathing Exercises

You might think exhaling all your breaths without breathing again for 10 minutes makes you some sort of superhero but that doesn’t undo numbness residue unfortunately(although props on holding your breath this long!). In all seriousness though deep breathing eases our muscles by amplifying air flow connected with nostrils flowing towards sinuses (where infection occurs).

Prevention is Better Than Cure!

We’ve gone over wide range topics today so its best left off with few tips brainstormed up present day medical professionals; just like electricians make sure we wouldn’t die optimising energy flows:

  1. Wash hands frequently
  2. Take allergy medications prescribed regularly
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Quit smoking (Just saying!)

Note them down folks and embrace it as daily habits so those sneaky little nasal cavities don’t get the chance to ambush us!

Final Thoughts

The feeling may sound threatening at first especially when attempted rubbings against walls result in no response whatsoever, however following science/natural etiquettes can prevent pretty much any symptoms recurring and avoid awkward Facebook posts riddled with self-pity afterwards.

(But wait… imaginary sparks fly)

PS-To keep things lighthearted lets remember that sometimes wonderful moments arrive through strange happenstances too like experience front row seats during ‘nose-musical-plays’ starring only top professional aspirants such as anyone with their noses up in the air!

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