Why is my neck always hurting?

Do you wake up every morning feeling like a medieval torture device has been applied to your neck? Do you find yourself rubbing your shoulders and stretching constantly throughout the day? If so, chances are that you’re not alone. Neck pain is one of the most common ailments in modern society, affecting millions of people around the world. The good news is that there are several reasons why this might be happening to you – and even better news: some of them can be fixed without having to resort to extreme measures.

Desk Jockey

Are you chained to a desk for most of the day? Sitting at a computer or staring straight ahead at paperwork can wreak real havoc on your neck muscles over time. To counteract all this sitting that may very well contract certain muscles with terrible tension knots, sit gently back in your chair leading with your chest moving away from ribs although just ever so slightly throughout work days allowing stretch breaks daily or twice during long duration tasking periods().

A major culprit among office workers understanding ergonomic conditions ranks highest herein intermittently prompt alertness extending intervals given tricky postures optimized through precise furniture arrangement promotes healthy posture which decreases the likelihood for future crick- related troubles ().


Ever wonder if it’s possible to forget about sleeping because severe discomfort raging under shoulder blades keeps them from nodding off into blissful oblivion? When having chronic cant prime yourself onto switching favorite comfort position backing looking upwards not advisable using an extra pillow plumply elevating noggin giving ample support alternatively simply supporting head with no underlying saggy voids placing rolled towel beneath lower and upper cervical area remedying issues by natural alignment instead replacing main bedding fixture(which should have adequate firmness) minimizes painful plaques ()

Lumps And Bumps (dysplasia)

Another possible explanation… maybe everything feels fine but once raised against eye view noticing how strangely shaped and larger certain knobs beneath your neck really present swelling. If observations depict large immovable lumps indicating dysfunctional thyroid glanders tiny ones chances can be benign or sketchy varying with detailed testing ()

The Dreaded Whiplash

If one has been seated in any vehicle entering accident resulting in moderate to extreme jarring of upper torso it’s possible for whiplash syndrome aftermath- outcomes including painful upshot such as dizziness difficulty catching breath stiffness observed instantly upon impact needing prompt assistance by licensed physicians receiving proper therapeutic relief ().

Degenerative Disc Disorder

The natural disc growth leads self into some level of destruction if allowed time projecting pain signals throughout cervical vertebrae thus becoming central damaging cases being irreversible although only become highly probable amongst elder populations where damage occurs over the course of a lifetime, leading to spinal cord compression difficulties breathing etc.

In Conclusion:

Neck pains range from mild annoying postural related cramping sensations that easily remove themselves opting limited stretching exercises throughout day(remember stand tall lead open chest with arms dangling at side)reconfiguring seating investment incredibly helpful which will alleviate rapid dismissalof excruciating stiff neck debacles or sudden numbness caused by accidents, thereby requiring instant medical attention. Neck issues may stem from various sources but incorporating healthy habits like drinking plenty water daily stretches ensuring correct positioning while sitting texting sleeping among other options should effectively eliminate or prevent unnecessary discomforts leaving majority always feeling fine given savvier lifestyle changes tackled().

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