Why is my face so swollen?

Are you waking up to a face that looks like it’s been in a boxing match? Was your face so swollen that you couldn’t even recognize yourself in the mirror this morning? Don’t worry, this happens to many people for various reasons. A swollen face can be caused by anything from an allergic reaction to poor sleep quality. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common causes of facial swelling and what you can do about them.

Food Allergies

If you enjoyed eating at last night’s seafood buffet and now have puffy cheeks, then congratulations! You must have over-indulged because food allergies are one of the primary reasons behind facial swelling. It occurs when your immune system reacts negatively after consuming certain foods such as nuts or shellfish.

The symptoms usually develop within minutes/hours after eating and result in:

  • Lip/tongue/throat/face swelling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rash/hives on lips/skin

Contact with food allergens is life-threatening in severe cases— seeking medical treatment right away is crucial.

Lack Of Sleep

You might feel motivated to pull an all-nighter playing Minecraft but think twice as lack of sleep affects not just your overall health buy also your beautiful skin!

Losing those precious 7-9 hours leads our body fluids (including lymphatic) pool-up under our eyelids creating puffy eyes—and eventually affecting other facial regions too! Besides dehydration resulting from insufficient water intake increases puffiness more frequently causing considerable irritation around cheeks, necks & lower jaws– YAY!

It’s time never-the-less for well-deserved power naps – which will relieve that unnecessary fluid buildup thus preventing The Great Puffster syndrome once again.

Hormones And Periods

To men reading t(MEME)t– thank puberty appropriately because females suffer from hormonal changes SO MUCH that it causes our brain to equate symptoms like swollen eyes, and a distended stomach are regular occurrences of the period.

The culprit responsible for the puffiness around jaws/cheeks is an increase in estrogen levels which leads us towards water retention (which darn affects overall weight too- ugh). Not only that, but hormonal imbalances (such as PCOS) eventually lead you towards pterygium growth. This gradually thickens more inwardly leading to blurred vision—scary huh?

Combatting against those swollen cheeks will require managing hormones through lifestyle changes and correctly identifying changed dietary habits.


Got a cracked skin or wound on your face? BEWARE – breaking news!!, this might eventually lead you towards cellulitis). It’s COOL until it becomes severe!!

Cellulitis occurs when bacteria enter open wounds caused by allergy-triggered bug bites and other eye infections. The shallow dermal layers underneath become affected resulting eventually causing facial swelling, redness & heat sensation within 24-48 hours.

Seeking immediate medical attention can cure their illness with antibiotics before any complications occur from frequent breakouts.

Salivary Gland Infection

Saliva works amazingly however together with mucus produces fluid that lubricates/protects rapidly upholding oral health; glands help produce saliva constantly while making sure things function smoothly within your mouth—that’s RIGHT!

Glands sometimes develop infective ailments known as ‘Sialadenitis’ due to certain pathogens blocking salivary ducts behind one’s ears ultimately leading to huge stress production and resulting in massive inflammation lesions around affected regions thus affecting nasolabial folds too!

It is vital always seeking treatment from healthcare professionals instead of self-assisting such rare conditions since adopting incorrect procedures may worsen disease progressions–SO SUIT UP!! CALL FOR YOUR DOC NOWW!!!

Home Remedies For Facial Puffiness

Swelling may also be temporary merely requiring basic lifestyle changes and minimizing contact/cold therapy!

  • Avoiding environmental irritants—pollution, smoke leading to inflammation
  • Noticing water intake—8 glasses each day minimizes dehydration potential thus reducing any inhibiting inflammation!
  • Application of cold compressors — ice cube/ frozen baggy around the face/ cucumber slices too

Take care of those ‘swellings’. Call for medical help whenever necessary: never underestimate swollen symptoms as they might indicate small underlying conditions with severe impacts in future 🙂

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