Why is my ear clogged?

Have you ever experienced that annoying feeling when your ear seems clogged and it feels like there’s water inside? Or maybe it’s more like a pressure, as if someone just stuffed cotton balls into your ear canal. Whatever the case may be, a clogged ear can be frustratingly uncomfortable. But why does this happen in the first place?


In this article, we’ll dive deep into what causes ear blockage and how to troubleshoot snags with ears that are less cooperative than they should be. From trapped hair to airplane takeoff — whether you’re dealing with an unexpected vacuum-like sound each time you breathe or complete hearing loss —this guide will cover everything related to clogged ears.

Anatomy Lesson Time: Understanding Your Ears

Before diving too deep, let’s start by refreshing ourselves on human ear anatomy by taking our 6th-grade Biology class hat once again- The external auditory meatus leads from the auricle to the eardrum – which separates the outer ear from the middle one.. Anything beyond that (the middle of your innermost self) is within your loving brain-beans behind where it matters — We don’t have X-ray vision yet – so knowing what lies ahead won’t help us much here! Let’s leave away things we cannot see but retain a visual image involving Eric Cartman sticking q-tips way too far down his lug-hole (not recommended).

But how does all of this stack up against blocked ears’ problems? Basically; dust particles ,water,cotton swabs,sweat build up,disease,stress etc – The little passages leading towards said drum gets obstructed over time resulting in several issues.

Understanding What Causes Blocked Ears

A few common reasons for difficulty hearing or sensation-related blockages include medical issues/purposes like excessing amounts of wax buildup, meningitis(cringe),fluid in the ear,all generally associated w/hell-ishly painful hearing interference. But there are other cases that also lead to an unexpectedly problematical(could be a new word) ear such as:

Alterations In Barometric Pressure

Yeah, we know it sounds like something complex from a physics course you took back in college but don’t worry.

When flying or driving up winding / high altitude roads, pressure builds within the inner ear beside outside one presumes atmospheric levels: If air doesn’t equalize on both ends of your eardrum simultaneously –you’ll be unable to hear clearly for some time(thank you Eric Cartman).

Aside from changes with elevation – whiplash and mine explosions can influence symptoms as well (resulting in dizziness and sudden audio obstacles).

Earwax (Appreciation Optional)

Ah…ear wax,that sticky-sort-of-disgusting-but necessary aspect of our ears! We hope this topic doesn’t gross you out too much because It is said it has antibacterial properties protecting the interior of our ears being prone to invade by microorganisms; Regardless,it’s not common for irrigation blockages to occur. Anything that increases production -such as using cotton swabs/trendy Q tips(we all have done self-exploration with those at home)- can cause earwax buildup leading towards a plugged sensation deep inside your cochlea/inner area which then causes moderate-severe hearing related issues if left unattended long enough.

Foreign Objects

Kids always seem so fascinated w/sticking small items into openings(not just ears people)! Unfortunately adults play along sometimes (gesturing hand wave); resulting in more complications than expected. Small objects such as candle-wax/dust/debris etc., whilst easily removed via initial search- become stuck further upon applicationation without pros’ supervision. So avoid sticking anything in that’s not meant to be there; and don’t you dare ignore the voices in your head when it comes to nagging reminders!

Other Causes

Change in pressure/wax and object intrusion are two of THE most common causes, others which could lead towards blocked ears but these include/are not limited through:
– Toothache
– inflammation/swelling (throat infections/sinusitis)
– allergies caused by dust/smoke etc/hair(could happen!)

Tips For Clearing Blocked Ears

Is there something potentially annoying stuck deep within our ear canal? The following tips describes several home remedies/tried-&-tested methods everything short of actual microsurgery. Keep scrolling until some sticks-up.

Yawn It Out When Day Dawns

Doing a jaw-stretch helps ease congested air-pockets beside relieving cramped inner membranes due to overpressure gradually equalizing with externalities/unpressurized areas.(Phew!) Yawning doesn’t make us the butt of jokes anymore – who would have thought?

Swallowing Reflex: A Miracle Cure

Also tied towards reducing blockage is an unusual stance – swallowing! Flexibility ties into play here as we swallow during takeoffs/landings on flights or ride-down slopes slowly normalizing down beating patterns alongside nose-throat structures(Eustachian tubes). Note this mechanism only applies if yawns cannot seem suitable throughout such jerks.

Use Of Warm Compresses/Baby Oil/Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide:

Warming up outer ear passages using a soft towel(comfortably soaked in boiled water) can help loosen obstructive viscosity usage/open up stuffy nasal paths/(applicable before showering/bathing)! Another popular way is employing baby oil(to treat chemical irritation)/putting few drops directly inside(infection relief).

Hydrogen peroxide use tops charts for cleaning cotton swabs /massage techniques(bar buildup reduction). Caution though- don’t use over a 3% concentration or else cause irritation!

Consider A Professional Opinion

Can’t seem to find relief(or that item won’t budge)? Need someone to check things out for you? Look no further than enlisting the help of your doctor, ENT specialist/audiologist whenever in doubt outside normal DIY methodologies; .

Even after troubleshooting these approved methods from home, doctors and other health professionals should be consulted if symptoms persist(the earlier the better) apart from reduce related issues.


In summary: Blocked ears remain an irritant among daily human activities with causes such as barometric pressure changed occurrences,gazes towards foreign objects alongside excessive earwax buildup. Before playing around at home with potentially harmful(hope not!!!),try educating yourself on non-invasive helpful tips . However if you cannot free ear passages w/different techniques then it’s time to consult healthcare professional. After efforts-pat yourselves in the back-you really do show care for more tender inner faculties held generally dearer by sense-perception enthusiasts all around!

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