Why is it important to have fat in your diet?

When you think about embarking on a healthy journey, shedding those extra kilos and cutting off weight may seem like the ultimate solution. However, not all fats are created equal! Contrary to popular belief that might make you run over them with an intensity reminiscent of Vikings raiding across Europe, not all fats should be vilified! That being said, let’s talk about why it’s important to have fat in your diet.

The Lowdown on Fats

Before we delve deeper into the topic at hand while using fanciful words like ‘lipids’, let me provide a brief introduction (Don’t worry; I won’t bore you yawn). There are three types of dietary fat: saturated fatty acids or SFAs, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), and polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs (Woohoo! Acronyms galore).

Each type has its unique structure, function and can be identified according to their properties such as molecular size or how squeaky they sound when submerged in water… okay maybe not the last one.

Now that we got that out of our system let’s move on (Sighs relievedly)!

The Importance of Fat in Our Lives

Here’s why conscientiously incorporating FAT into your daily regime could do wonders for overall health:

Brain Function Boosters!

The studies suggest including unsaturated fats in diets may aid cognitive functions throughout life (> 95% agreement amongst researchers Daaamn son!!1”(One study even suggested improved cognition amonst people who consumed high MUFA chocolate snacks during work breaks!) You heard it right folks! To stay sharp-brained through late night Netflix binges munch away on some good quality nuts (in moderation mind) .

Healthy Heart Happy Life!

Are Grilled Cheese Sandwiches worth Dying for? Huge NOPE! Fats are a fundamental macronutrient that the body utilizes accordingly be it storing energy or maintaining healthy cardiac muscles The major function of these microscopic party siblings in our system is to aid the absorption and transportation of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E & K. Moreover, correct dietary plans can protect us against various heart diseases while supporting muscle contractions (Run forest RUN) .

Promotes Long-term Satiety

Cravings usually don’t rear their mischievous heads until you decide to go on a diet. But with discernment and careful planning we can satiate ourselves properly resulting in lesser binge eating; fueling our brains ,building blocks of lipids could satisfy your hunger pangs better than carbohydrates Proteins etc showing higher satisfaction rates per meal (No more hiding hoards under pillows).

Maintains Hormonal Imbalances

As Hormones clutch increasing importance with age proper fat consumption assists adequately balancing hormones involving testosterone synthesis(Yes!!), overall female health(Although yes every one needs estrogen but especially ladies rockin those stilletos nice n hard), insulin secretion and regulation And support during pregnancy beyond (Fingers Crossed )

If anything at all indicated earlier indicates necessity for Fat inclusion in your daily routine!

Plus Points Galore when coming down to individual types:

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids(PUFAs):

Are an essential nutrient each cell membrane requires by appeasing inflammation mechanisms It stands out through its active Omega-3′ membership club(THRE WAYOO!). Showcasing stamina throughout pregnancies PMS headaches even post-pregnancy depression oil derived from seafood amplifies attention span amongst children.

Aid HDL Cholesterol Maintenance(Known as good cholesterol) By cutting down LDL(bad cholesterol) levels known for giving ‘Cardiac arrests’.

Monounsaturated fatty acid(MUFA)

Who says all things fatty should be bad? MUFA grease up your wheels for a healthy lifestyle. A typical Mediterranean style diet involves Olive(olive oils contain high amounts of Mufa) has been applauded to reduce one’s chances of heart diseases massively!

Saturated Fatty acids(SFAs):

Now, these are fats we have seen being portrayed as the scourge of humanity! When taken at minimal levels (that’s right MINIMAL) SFAs can help maintain strong bones support hormone production in muscle contractions and supply long term energy sources at reasonable intake(So they aren’t completely evil but you know everything done in moderation ^^).

Okay, so you won’t transform into Thor or even wield his hammer by simply eating more fat (sad face) But choose wisely when it comes to what dietary plan fits well with your nutritional needs.

The Takeaway

To wrap this baby up FATS ARE A NECESSITY OF LIFE if dispensed correctly they can aid overall functions from mental health all the way down to pregnancy Beyond that their classification system alone shows how multi-dimensional different types are !

Remember Folks Life is supposed to be cheesecake slices topped on pizza slices not cardboard-like diets no human should ever subject themselves too lets embrace the greasy party life while maintaining our caloric Intake aka find balance peeps .

Thanks for taking time off Cholesterol laden sandwhiches & reading my article till here; lemme know which new slice ya would like me to gloss over next?!