Why is it important to have a daily routine?

If there’s one thing that everyone on the planet has in common, it’s that we all have 24 hours in a day. How you choose to spend those hours is entirely up to you – do you want to waste them away by lounging around like a sloth? Or do you want to make the most of every second and be productive AF? The choice is yours. And if you’re smart, you’ll choose the latter option.

Having a daily routine might seem like an unnecessary bother for some people, but trust me when I say that it can actually make your life better in more ways than one. Don’t believe me? Well then my dear reader, keep reading and let me convince you otherwise!

What exactly is a daily routine?

OK – before we jump into why having one is so darn important, let’s first discuss what exactly constitutes as a ‘daily routine’. Essentially, it’s just habitual activities or rituals that someone does each day without really thinking about them too much. It could be something as simple as brushing your teeth right after waking up or going for an early morning jog before breakfast.

Some people take their routines SUPER seriously though (shoutout to my fellow Type-A personalities) and plan out every single minute of their day including things like:

  • What time they’ll wake up
  • When they’ll have breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks
  • Block out chunks of time for work/school/studying/etc.
  • Schedule leisure activities/relaxation periods
  • Bedtime and evening wind-down habits

It may sound strict, but hey – different strokes for different folks ya know?

So why should YOU care about having a daily routine?

Good question my friend! Here are some compelling reasons…

1. You’ll feel less anxious

Uncertainty and unpredictability can cause major amounts of stress and anxiousness. If you’re always winging it when it comes to your daily routine, then each day is like a wild card forcing you to use so much brain power trying to figure out what needs to be done next. Ain’t nobody got time for that. With a solid routine in place, your brain knows what tasks are coming up later in the day/week/month/etc., allowing you to relax and not worry about constantly planning ahead.

2. Your productivity levels will soar

You’ll definitely get more stuff done if you have a plan laid out rather than aimlessly wandering around and hoping everything falls into place (newsflash – it never does). Having structure promotes efficiency meaning things can actually get ticked off of that ever-growing ‘To Do List’ instead of just collecting dust.

3. Better health and self-care habits

Ah yes, the good ol’ saying “health is wealth” rings especially true here! When there’s dedicated time set aside for healthy habits such as exercise or meal prepping nutritious food, sticking with these routines will help improve overall wellness tremendously. This could also include self-care activities like taking baths or meditating – essential for maintaining mental health.

4. A greater sense of discipline

If daily routines were human beings they would be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (minus all those pesky Time-Turning shenanigans). Seriously though – following your planned schedule requires some serious willpower which means over time you’ll become mentally stronger and attain higher levels of discipline across various aspects of life.

5.The satisfaction factor

Waking up each morning knowing exactly what needs to happen during those hours before hitting the hay equals ultimate feelings of contentment because ya girl loves ticking items off lists OK?? This goes hand-in-hand with increasing one’s motivation too.

How do I create my own daily Routine?

Great question- glad you asked!

There are countless online resources out there with detailed guides and recommendations but here’s a basic format :

1. Figure Out Priorities

It’s vital to first determine what NEEDS to be done during the course of any given day. This could include work tasks, childcare responsibilities, mandatory errands etc.

2. Brainstorm Tasks You’d Like To Accomplish

Next up- focus on what you would LIKE to accomplish or prioritize more often even if it’s unrealistic for daily occurrence( i.e dedicating an hour each week towards learning a new skill)

3. Schedule-Based on your needs

Based on your individual needs (i.e early bird versus night owl) start slotting in when these activities will take place throughout the day/week/month/year/etc.

4.Allow Flexibility

Like everything in life – things don’t always go according to plan And that is ok!. Create wiggle room for unexpected occurrences(drop-in visitors, emergency situations). Flexible routines adapt more easily meaning they’re much easier stick with long-term!

How do I stay motivated Enough Follow through With My Routine?

Simple creation doesn’t equate success when creating any sort of change in one’s life-you’ve got put some elbow grease into it too!
So maintaining motivation requires using different strategies depending upon personal preference and interests:

### 1.Pick one thing at a time

Trying tackle multiple goals simultaneously puts individuals at risk for feeling overwhelmed easily want seem like overkill-Pick smaller single focused goal until comfortable building momentum.

### 2.Track progress

Keeping track of how many times have/have not practiced routine helps build self-accountability . There several apps available that can help with tracking too such as habit trackers!

### 3.Reward yourself

Rewards serve great motivators ! After committing(consistently!)to newly implemented routine treat oneself(checking social media without feeling guilty because that habit now part of routine!)

### 4.Seek support

Carrying out a routine can sometimes feel like a mountain but sharing goals and progress with loved ones or joining online communities who share similar interests provides necessary reassurance and motivation to remain consistent!

Final thoughts

There you have it folks – the reasons why I think developing your own daily routine is so imperative, how to go about crafting one , staying motivated en route achieving consistency!
Wishing you all the best in waking up each day thriving while using daily routines as building blocks towards success.

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