Why is he so awkward around me?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why that guy you like acts so awkward around you? Maybe he stumbles over his words or can’t seem to maintain eye contact. It can be frustrating and confusing, but don’t worry – there are plenty of reasons why he might be acting this way.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons for male social anxiety and offer tips on how to ease the tension between you two. Whether it’s because of nerves, insecurity, or something else entirely, understanding his behavior can help you build a stronger connection with him in the long run.

What is Male Social Anxiety?

Before we dive into potential causes for awkwardness around women, let’s first examine what social anxiety really entails. While many people experience feelings of shyness or nervousness when meeting new people or entering unfamiliar situations, social anxiety is a more severe condition characterized by intense fear and avoidance of social interactions.

According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), roughly 15 million American adults struggle with some form of social anxiety disorder. Symptoms may include excessive sweating, shaking/trembling,blushing uncontrollably, racing heartbeat/palpitations,or an overwhelming urge to escape from the situation altogether.

Of course, not everyone who struggles with dating-related nerves has full-blown social anxiety disorder,but it’s worth considering whether your crush might have deeper-rooted confidence issues keeping him from being himself around women he finds attractive; after all ,he could just be shy

Possible Reasons He’s Awkward Around You

While there isn’t necessarily one definitive answer to why any given man may act nervously around someone they’re attracted to,there are a few likely culprits that could explain your beau’s unusual demeanor. Some possible explanations include:

1) He likes You Too Much

It might sound counterintuitive, but one reason your crush could be acting strangely around you is simply that he likes you too much. If he’s crushing on you hard, it can cause him to feel incredibly self-conscious and nervous in your presence. This might manifest as stuttering or a loss for words,shuffling his feet awkwardly while looking the other way or darting his eyes elsewhere whenever he’s around.

2) Past Relationship Trauma

If your crush has experienced heartbreak or rejection in past relationships,it may have left deep emotional scars which may lead him to being uncomfortable when expressing intimacy or have been affecting how open he is towards women,given they are completely different human hence reactions are different.“Once bitten,twice shy” mentality

In such situations, old fears of feeling vulnerable all over again with others could come back anytime and trigger anxiety attacks just by doing simple gestures like holding hands,kissing,hugging.He will also avoid certain topics,popular places where couples hang out give fickle excuses to actions made towards their interest.

3) He’s Just Shy

Sometimes people who don’t regularly engage in dating are overall introverted/shy by nature.Unfortunately,such personalities struggle fitting well with social events more often than not;participating involves energy draining activities like initiating small talks,jokes,and maintaining engaging conversations Gauging whether someone needs attention alone time due being overwhelmed at that moment is key to enhancing compatibility

Note however the behavior is very different from “he’s just not into” kinds of attitudes-their response involves avoiding communication altogether instead of appearing anxious/tentative.They would rather keep scrolling through their phones than engage activelyOn rare occasions,want action taken? Take charge order some meals initiate conversation yourselves.It grows certainty creating meaningful,vibrant dynamics

4) Fear Of Rejection

Fear of rejection ranks among common trigger factors for social anxiety in every age bracket,especially with guys. It can cause an individual to catastrophize potential scenarios (even wild assumptions) of something going wrong/being laughed at/public shame etc.For some guys they’d rather not try their luck than putting themselves out there and hear hurtful feedback from someone they admire.

Therefore,it’s important that women explore his capability to express feelings without the fear of judgement or criticism.Make him aware how we are ALL imperfect human beings prone to making mistakes irrespective of gender,race,height,name it.This sense reassurance could do wonders in improving trust and building up his confidence around you.

5) He’s Getting Mixed Signals

It’s also possible that your crush is struggling with awkwardness because he’s picking up on mixed signals from you.What may appear like fun flirting moments might mean complete discomfort zones for some leading to misunderstanding.These actions include but aren’t limited playing hard-to-get,delayed responses,half-hearted flattery/cold personalities

Remember since everyone has different expectations about what constitutes appropriate behavior in romantic contexts;wanting assurances where one stands isn’t reserved exclusively for lady folk.It’s okay if a guy seeks clarity over certain behaviors/words usage during dating periods- well,unless he pulls up personal profile files from 2009 concerning past lovers.Moving on swiftly…

How To Deal With His Awkwardness Around You

Now that we’ve examined some reasons why your crush might be acting shy/nervous/hesitant,let us dive into effective tips on how to deal with this kind of behavior:

1) Be Patient And Understanding

Firstly,everyone has specific experiences while growing up which affect their characters differently.Timing will come when introduction towards intimacy,communication skills,maturity et al.Feelings cannot be manufactured,best thing is creating good memories as friends then transition slowly respecting each other boundaries.A bit more effort from your end will go a long way in easing the tension,don’t push,reassure him,he’ll get comfortable eventually.

2) Try To Put Him At Ease

Making casual, relaxed conversation is one of many ways which can support someone through his shyness phases.Being open and positive when chatting or hanging out can help them feel more comfortable around you. Keep away jokingly harsh criticism,you never know how much it may hurt psychologically;no need trying to make yourself part of those who rejected him/initiator of heartbreaks before.

For instance,during initial dating stages,pick activities that he’s passionate about- movies,sports,biking.Builds confidence sharing interests in places he feels good for example cuisines and new environments.This could also kick start calm conversations leading to deeper ones developing stronger connections beyond physical attraction.

3) Give Clear Signals

Guys aren’t always the best at reading signals/flirting,so be clear on what you are requesting/expecting.While being straightforward shows maturity &confidence,is less ambiguous; subtlety could save face with guys taking non-verbal communication seriously.If confused about an action or statement use examples/share with him directly why certain behaviors create unwanted feelings,talk your differences.A little shift communication wise goesa mighty long way !

4) Don’t Take It Personally

It’s important not to take any form adverse reaction( glazed looks,no replies/disinterest )from his part personally.It’s safe bet if he has social anxiety don’t get upset over cancellation at short notice.Honor commitments made but leave room/option allowing him time off if things become overwhelming.Remind yourself there might be other factors causing this kind of behavior just as much as your actions.Taking negative reactions personal inflict more strain onto already taut relationhips.


The bottom line? When it comes down to men acting awkward around women they’re attracted to,the possibilities are endless. While you might never know for sure what’s causing your crush’s jitters, there many ways of making them comfortable around you without implying control or ownership in any way whatsoever.As he navigates his feelings and experiences over time, it’s essential that both of you feel seen, heard and understood. With a little bit patience,effective communication and openness,you can break down barriers build meaningful relationships beyond awkwardness/ anxiety from either side

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