Why is epsom salt called epsom salt?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably been pondering one of the great mysteries of life: why is epsom salt called “epsom” salt? This may not be as mind-boggling as why we are here on this earth or what happens after we die, but it’s still a burning question nonetheless.

So sit back, relax, and let me take you on a journey to uncover the origins of this strange and wondrous substance.

A Brief History Lesson

The story of epsom salt actually begins in a small town in England named…you guessed it…Epsom! Back in the day (we’re talking about the 17th century), people believed that Epsom water had healing powers that could cure all sorts of ailments. As it turns out, there was some truth to this belief because Epsom water contains high levels of magnesium sulfate which has proven to be beneficial for many health issues.

As more people began hearing about the wondrous properties associated with Epsom water, word spread quickly throughout England and beyond. People started flocking to Epsom just so they could bathe in its waters!

Where Does The Salt Come In?

Now if you remember from earlier (and I hope you do), Epsom’s healing powers came from its high concentration of magnesium sulfate. Well…that’s where our beloved “salt” comes into play!

You see, back in those days, scientists didn’t really understand chemical composition quite as well as they do now. So when someone discovered that by boiling down Epsom water they could extract crystals made up mostly Magnesium Sulfate (Whoa)…they thought that these crystals were some type of new kind salty minerals; hence ’’epsomite.’’

Over time though people stopped saying ‘’epsomite,’’ which sounds like something that belongs in a museum, and started referring to it as “epsom salt”.

So There You Have It

And there you have it folks. The origins of epsom salt! Honestly, I was kind of hoping for a more exciting story or some sort of scandalous secret, but sometimes we just have to accept that not everything has an interesting backstory.

Regardless though (I mean seriously)…epsom salt is still pretty cool. Whether you’re using it as a bath soak or adding it to your garden soil for healthier plants, this humble mineral has proved itself time and time again throughout history.

So let’s give epsom salt the applause (or salts) that he deserves!

Utilizing Epsom Salt

Let’s take some time out here and discuss how we can utilize our knowledge about Epsom Salts; after all what good is information if you don’t put into practice?

As A Bath Soak

Epsom Salt baths are one of life’s simple pleasures. Not only is taking a long hot bath relaxing after a tough day at work (thank god) but soaking in an Epsom salts bath does wonders for your body too.

  • Magnesium: Your body absorbs the magnesium from the water which promotes relaxation
  • Helps alleviate stress
  • Natural Exfoliater
  • Reduces Bloating

To enjoy its full benefits simply fill up your tub with warm water and dump in 1 cup ((simple enough))of Epsom Salts while the water runs.

In Gardening

A lot these days seem to be moving toward natural self-sufficient lifestyles – growing their fruit/vegetables organically without any harmful chemicals). This brings us to gardening – especially organic gardening where possible harm-free methods are used.

Whether you’ve got blossoms struggling on wilting branches or herbs that refuse to grow past ankle level…fear not! Just add Epsom Salts (no need to worry organic gardeners: you can’t go wrong with epsom salt – it’s completely natural!)

  • Plants love magnesium sulfate as much as humans do!
  • Helps plants absorb phosphorous and nitrogen (super important for growth)
  • Discourages pests.

To use, just dissolve 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts in a spray bottle filled with warm water and spritz on the undersides of leaves or directly onto the soil.


And there you have it folks (yes…again)…the thrilling tale behind why epsom salt is called “epsom” salt. Although we may never know the secrets that lie within this mysterious mineral, one thing is certain – its benefits are real.

So next time you’re feeling sore or stressed out, take some cues from our ancestors and fill up your tub with some epsom salts. And when your plants start looking better than ever before? Well then feel free to tell them all about good ole’ ‘epsomite’.

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