Why is bronchitis worse at night?

Have you ever experienced the nightmare where you are peacefully slumbering, and then suddenly wake up coughing furiously? And no matter how hard you try, it only gets worse? Well, my friend, what you are experiencing there is bronchitis. Don’t worry; a comical take on why bronchitis is worse at night will make your misery seem bearable.

What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis screams ‘hello’ to an array of respiratory infections that causes inflammation in the bronchi. The former happens when tiny hair-like structures called cilia get damaged or destroyed upon inhaling foreign particles like cigarette smoke or environmental pollutants or simply from having ‘one too many’.

There are two categories of bronchitis: acute and chronic. Acute often manifests as feverishness accompanied by a wet, productive cough with yellow-green phlegm production (Yummy!). On the other hand, chronic can occur for longer periods characterized by persistent wet coughs that produce mucus frequently due to chemical irritants such as smoking damages airways over time.

So Why Is It Worse At Night Than During Daytime?

Several factors may lead to this surprising nighttime phenomenon:

Lack Of Gravity

During daytime hours most people tend to stay upright or move around regularly throughout their activities – which can be very helpful in aiding breathing! When we sleep horizontally though; our lungs have an uphill battle during inhalation/ exhalation cycles because gravity isn’t working its magic anymore (sorry Newton!).

Drier Air Quality At Night

At times people’s living conditions dictate them sleeping with windows closed covered under blankets to combat cold weather nocturnal terrors – but sorry folks that’s not always a good decision regard respiratory-wise. This sort of environment lacks moisture circulation leading temperatures dropping quite considerably commonly artificially through indoor heating. With such changes present, it’s easy for your airway passages to dry out (We need some moisture in here); making them vulnerable to irritation by foreign bodies like pollenick!!

Nighttime Acid Reflux

Acid reflux often creeps up on us at night especially when hitting the sack soon after a late heavy meal or with pregnancy hormonal shifts (Whose idea was that natures?!) This acidic sensation quickly irritates airways leading to coughing spasms – this can lead causing mucus production and waves of bronchitis symptoms.

Do You Have Bronchitis? Here are Symptoms:

Bronchitis is pretty common during cold weather, hence why you’ll want to know if what robbed again off peaceful slumber sesh that nights before nightfall is actually bronchitis here are its symptoms:

  • Constant Coughing
  • Low-grade feverishness
  • Chest pain and tightness
  • Congestion of the chest area
    Scratch all of these off ya bucket list pronto!

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What Can Be Done About It?

If you already have some natural remedies under your belt (props peeps) – get ready because we’ve discovered a few more gems you can add! Keep reading!

Humidity To The Rescue

Getting warm misty humidifiers across oft-used areas at home will increase humidity which helps soothe inflamed footpipes allowing improvement regarding oxygen flow through lungs taking away chances waking up in cough attacks.

Hot Honey

It sounds weird due combining two unlikely combos but Mix one tablespoon full honey into hot water/tea/lemon juice mixture provide actual immediate relief.Warm liquids work best since they help thin down thickened mucus found lining respiratory tract allowing better expectoration getting rid of pesky triggers during sleep time hours. They also moisturize your airways, which is very satisfying.

Slather Yourself In Essential Oils

Certain essential oils like Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Adding a few drops of any of these to steamy water poured into a diffuser at night helps relieve bronchitis symptoms and will also make it feel like you’re doing your groceries in the middle of an English garden with all those lovely scents wafting around!

Quick Recap

Bronchitis can quickly turn evenings spent sleeping on their heads by causing coughs as triggers that worsen throughout idle hours. Things that contribute to this dull ailment are lack of gravity during sleep time when lung function’s already restricted nourishing environment need humidity; dry air quality especially at night slows recovery down immensely while the gases irritate our airway membranes Let’s not forget acid reflux creeps up on no one but its cause quite deadly constellation bronchitis darkens nights till new solutions happen.

As earlier mentioned humidifiers work perfectly even adding certain essential oil blends through steam ensures inflamed pipes get relaxed therefore ideal breathing conditions created instantly. Raw honey added to warm tea or other favorite hot beverages assist breaking hardened mucus blocking respiratory tract allowing more profound breathing techniques due increased moisture levels facilitating phlegm expectoration for breakout sessions whenever needed! Now consider yourself equipped against bronghits attacks – Happy dreaming folks

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