Why have my hot flashes started again?

Hot flashes are back! Just when you thought your menopausal days were over, BAM, it hits again. It’s like an unwelcome guest who won’t leave your house despite all hints and cues. The heat surges throughout your body followed by chills that make you wonder if you’re dying or just having a really delayed reaction to that wing sauce from last night.

If you haven’t experienced hot flashes yet, congratulations on being born without a uterus. Unfortunately for those of us with one (or had one removed), hot flashes may come and go even after we think it’s over. Here are some reasons why they might have returned.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play an integral part in our reproductive health, and their fluctuations during perimenopause and menopause can cause disruption in our bodies’ temperature regulation system.

The ovaries shut down estrogen production during these phases leading to hormonal imbalances resulting in what? That’s right- Hot Flashes!

Stress: Help! I Can’t Cope

Who needs enemies when there is cortisol coursing through the bloodstream screwing with our hormones?! High levels of stress increase cortisol production which impacts hormone balance creating havoc not only affecting well-being but also triggering those god awful hot flashes onto us!

Medications For Easing Symptoms May Trigger These Troublesome Ones

While medicines aim at easing symptoms during Menopause such as mood swings and anxiety interestingly enough they could trigger hot flushes too ! One such example include birth control pills used for managing menstrual cycle issues . While aiding in alleviating menstruation woes , birth control pills can give rise to bloating , irregular periods along with increasing the chances of contracting ovarian cancer – YIKES !

We don’t want to add painkillers or other chemicals into our lives but we need a solution to overcome the plight of hot flashes. Here are some non-medical ways to reduce the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes:

Keep it Cool, Baby!

This first tip is quite obvious yet overlooked by many: Dress appropriately especially in layers as it will help you regulate your temperature better .Another great option is investing in cooling clothing where technology embedded helps achieve comfort during even those scorching days. Oh! And do avoid tight clothes as they can increase heat retention.

A Calm Mind Equals a Cooler Body

Cultivate habits such as mindfulness meditation and deep breathing techniques which aid in lowering down cortisol levels leading to lesser stress , thus ultimately boosting your overall well-being .These personal indulgences also lead into garnering positive energy resulting into you beaming with confidence !

Bringing Your Diet Under Control

Who doesn’t love their ice cream or chocolate cake? Well unfortunately too much sugar eases more than just our taste buds – increasing severity and frequency of Hot Flashes due to raising insulin levels suppressing hormones responsible for making out bodies cooler – Bummer!.

Hot Flashes could take over an individual’s life , from interfering with work productivity during meetings, causing cognitive fatigue amongst other symptoms that come alongwith. While there may not be an exact cure available at the moment , people can aim towards curbing down these surges through various means suggested above thereby reducing its impact on daily activities allowing us all to lead happy-go-lucky everyday lives despite this little hurdle. So go ahead embrace yourself and remember It’s ‘FLASHilicious

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