Why have i been feeling so nauseous lately?

Well, well, well. If it isn’t my favorite bunch of organs all ganging up to make me feel like a sea-sick sailor on dry land. Nausea has been bugging the hell out of me lately and I just can’t seem to shake it off no matter how many ginger teas or saltine crackers I chomp down.

But what’s causing this lovely feeling? Is something wrong with my stomach or is there some other culprit at play? Let’s dive into the deep end (try not to puke) and see if we can figure out why have you been feeling so nauseous lately.

The Basics Of Nausea

Before we start pointing fingers at my poor tummy, let’s brush up our knowledge on what nausea actually is:

  • A vague sensation of discomfort in the upper abdomen usually with an urge to vomit.
  • Nausea may be accompanied by sweating, dizziness, anxiety.
  • Can be caused by many things from minor ailments like indigestion to serious illnesses like pancreatic cancer.

Alrighty then. Now that we’re all clued up on nausea 101, let’s move onto the potential culprits behind my queasy feelings.

Possible Reasons For My Nausea

Too Much Caffeine

Ah yes, everyone’s beloved friend who helps them skip through their day without collapsing in exhaustion: caffeine. But too much coffee/tea/soda can lead to excess acid production which gives rise to inflammation of the stomach lining which again leads us right back around towards good ol’ vomiting town. Cutting back your caffeine intake might help dial things down and reduce those dizzy spells throughout your day (or night).

Something As Simple As Indigestion

If you’ve recently started drowning everything you eat under mountains of hot sauce or downing multiple burgers in one night, your poor digestive system is going to hate you (even if secretly you loved every moment of it). Indigestion can lead to nausea along with other charming symptoms like bloating, gas and heartburn. Avoid eating spicy or fatty foods for a while and give your stomach a break.


We’re all familiar with the famous “fight or flight” response our body’s have when we’re under stress. But this response can also lead to excess production of our good friend cortisol which leads us right back around towards issue #1: inflammation in our intestine lining followed by mad bouts of nausea throughout the day. Try finding some relaxation exercises that can help calm yourself down when life gets too hectic.

Medication Side-Effects

For any medications taken those often come loaded up with side-effects including -yup sure enough – nausea! Certain types of medication like antibiotics are infamous for bringing nauseousness as an uninvited guest alongside them but there are plenty others ones too ranging from blood pressure medicines to pain relievers that can be found on the naughty list too.Unfortunately what works for someone might not work for somebody else so just wait it out or switch over temporarily till whatever has been prescribed wears off.


Ah the dreaded hangover.Do I need say more? The feeling after a crazy night never fails to deliver some wickedly wild dreams/nightmares depending upon how much alcohol your entire system managed to soak up during last night’s shenanigans.

This intense acetaldehyde exposure causes big-time headaches, dizziness , sweating , rapid heartbeat,Puking…you name it—all wrapped up nicely behind glass walls.Aftereffects will pass after roughly 24 hours,but until then brace yourself.In short : drink sensibly!

When To Visit A Medical Expert

Most cases of nausea might subside without specific treatments.However,a lucky few might require specialised help from medical experts, especially if:

  • Unbearable vomiting: if you can’t keep food down and feel constantly dizzy or dehydrated, it’s time for a visit to your friendly neighborhood doctor.

  • Severe herbal intakes and supplements.

So after all this stomach somersaulting, I hope we managed to find some relief or at least the realization that anybody can wind up nauseous for any number of reasons! So while these are just potential reasons behind my own recent feels,wishing health happiness (and ginger teas) to all who join me on this boat ride toward soothing our tummies.#

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