Why get your tongue pierced?

If you’re looking to spice up your look and add a little edge, getting your tongue pierced might just be the way to go. Not only is it a subtle way to express yourself, but there are also plenty of practical benefits that come along with having a pierced tongue (yes, you read that right – practical!).

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge and get your tongue pierced, let this article guide you through all of the reasons why you should definitely do it.

The Look

Let’s start with the obvious one: getting a new piercing is always a great excuse for some fresh new jewelry! A tongue piercing is kind of like having an accessory that only certain people can see – which adds an extra level of mysteriousness and intrigue. Plus, imagine how cool it’ll look when you stick out your tongue at someone who’s annoying you.

A few notes on style choices:

  • Initially, most piercers will put in a longer barbell because swelling often occurs after piercing. Once swelling goes down (anywhere from 2-6 weeks), you can switch out for shorter bars.
  • If more than one person has mentioned that they think edgy accessories would suit you well or maybe even better than skinny jeans, then listen to them and get ya-self some sharp-looking stuff!

The Feel

Now for those practical benefits we promised earlier:

Believe it or not, having metal in your mouth actually benefits oral health by stimulating blood flow debris removal under gums. Here are other reasons why:

Increased stimulation during sexual activity

We won’t go into specifics here… but trust us when we say adding another sensory element can make things feel really exciting.

Weight loss

All joking aside; have you ever tried talking with multiple pieces of metal jiggling around in yo mouth? Ain’t nobody got time for that. For the first few days, you might find yourself opting to not eat as much, which can result in a little progress on your diet goals.

Reduced stress

We’re not saying piercing is a replacement for actual stress relief strategies like meditation or talking to trusted friends but the fact of having something new and different going on in your mouth can be strangely calming


Now it’s time to get into what actually happens when you sit down in that piercing chair:

Needles: Everywhere!

Okay, this one sounds scary at first – but needles are always necessary in order to pierce any part of the body (weird right?). While the idea of putting a needle through your tongue sounds painful (and truthfully; it will be uncomfortable) most people describe their experience as being pretty tolerable.

The tongue is full of nerve endings thus making getting pierced an intense moment. Keep calm and carry on. You’ve got this 😉

It’s important to note that not all places use needles (flashback to Claire’s earrings with ball studs). Before settling on a shop, check reviews online or visit them beforehand so you can ensure they follow hygienic cordons and shot out professionalizing vibes!

Healing Phases

Once again—this ain’t no small feat nor painless process—but healing requires continual care from yourself outside of just dental cleaning visits. Thankfully; how long these phases last will differ depending various situations since everyone’s journey is unique

In summary:

  • Healing take up anywhere between 2-6 weeks.
  • During those initial stages however there’ll be quite ah bit o’ bleeding followed by swelling because hello you slapped some invasive metal inside ya cheek 👀
  • Post-procedure self-care involves regular salt-water rinses

The Dos & Don’ts

Now to discuss everyday maintenance and piercing care:

Don’t Go Frenching Everyone

While the idea of showing off your new piercing is appealing and flashy, it’s important not to get too carried away in those early days. Try to avoid kissing or participating in any oral activities until some healing has occurred.

Your mouth naturally contains billions upon billions microorganisms so introducing a bunch more bacteria while recovering from a fresh wound doesn’t sound fun now does it?

Eat Soft Things Only

For example, try having soup or yogurt for the first day or two – anything that doesn’t require much chewing (like tough steak 😩). You’ll want plenty of smoothies and ice cream, points made right there?

Be Cautious When Changing Jewelry

Please follow professional advice before attempting this on ya own but once you’re done with recovery phases; switching out jewelry can be quite enjoyable! Here are a few reminders though because remember dis wor ya precious mouth area:

  • It’s Not Chill To Swallow Your Piercings🤢
  • New baubles might irritate whatever blissful harmony with environment was going on inside yo mouf.
  • So don’t go heavy on gimmick-piece purchases if unskilled at changing them out.

Getting Started

If we’ve convinced you that getting your tongue pierced is pretty much the coolest thing ever (which obvi we have), then here are some quick tips to get you started:

  1. Do Some Online Sleuthing: Pick compentant shops near where u live who only call visiting an option after fully delivering cleanliness promises

  2. Look For Reviews! Ignore fake ones as well as companies which seems dubious 🚫.

  3. Prepare Mentally: As mentioned earlier; sticking things through body parts ain’t peaceful but rationally remind yourself about positive aspects along journey.

4.Most importantly — Follow instructions from your piercing professionally – they got you through the difficult sections.

Wrapping up, getting a tongue piercing isn’t for everyone—the process takes time, money and care to keep in good shape. But with all the advantages there are to having a new piece of jewelry inside yo mouf, it just might be something worth considering.

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