Why domperidone is not fda approved?

Domperidone, the drug that we all love but can’t have. The feeling of being denied of something you crave can be a little infuriating, especially when it’s pretty harmless. It’s like craving pickles on an ice cream sundae and someone telling you that pickles are bad for your health so they’re banned from supermarkets forever. In this article we’ll look at why Domperidone isn’t FDA approved.

First things first – What is Domperidone?

Before we dive into the reasons why it is banned in the United States let us take a quick look at what exactly Domperidone is about.

Domperidone known by its brand name Motilium tablets are used to treat nausea and vomiting caused due to several other health conditions such as gastroparesis (paralysis or slow movement of stomach) which may be prescription-based medication only recommended by your doctor or sold to you via some guy named Gerry off Craigslist.

Now onto more important matters…How come nobody here in America gets access to this wonderful drug then?

Possible Adverse Effects

As with every medical product consumed, there lies a possible harm associated with them though chances might be slim as practiced worldwide it does seem riskier since certain medications do interact with each other either together or giving out undesired outcomes when given isolatedly. One major potential side effect of domperdone highlighted involves damage done over the cardiac structure (arrhythmia), these findings were formed after 25 people lost their lives upon consuming this medicine! Upon realization trials had been halted immediately- safety probes & investigations began hence revoking production so don’t worry america could’ve been patient zero…but looks like everyone will survive thanks to him/her/them!

Likely-hood that cardiac related side-effects happen increases if individuals who consume have any underlying heart-related issues which further re-iterates why only prescribed should be facilitated by the doctors who determine apt medication for that specific patient!

It’s Already Sold Internationally!

One lingering question on my mind is, if there are potential risks in consuming Domperidone then why even sell it at all? The answer to this quite simple: it has a demand and usage internationally.

Several countries around the world like Canada, New Zealand or Europe have allowed public purchase of domperidone as they have deemed it safe enough for people to use Yep!. Before selling these drugs in their respective territories some conditions may apply like consumption with prescription will remain acceptable but try buying them OTC just for fun? Nope not possible.

Looks like America needs stringent safety measures and regulations so that such incidences can be avoided.

FDA approval?

A logical conclusion would be reaching out to FDA (Food & Drug Administration), a department tasked solely towards ensuring public health safety specifically imparting clearance over any medicine granting permission upon proving its efficacy/tier 1 Safety standards resulting in impanelling nationwide sale without any worries.
However until today requests made by different pharmaceutical companies as well as individuals asking permission haven’t been granted much attention – internal processes seem more important than life saving treatments apparently…

As you’ve seen throughout this article, Domperidone isn’t an easily accessible drug here in America due multiple reasons – mainly revolves around highly risky side-effects noted during clinical trials leading up cancellations from FDA, however main distributors continue producing and sale goes unregulated overseas. Until we Americans begin recognizing the value of innovative drug technologiesand make strong investments toward making new technologically advanced medicines with an effective ratio of benefits to side effects available locally…We’ll always sit behind while other countries enjoy treatment accessibilities readily.

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