Why does one of my finger joints hurt?

As you sit idly at your desk, minding your own business, clicking away on the keyboard with the kind of efficient indifference that only a seasoned office worker can muster, you suddenly notice something strange. Something ominous.

Something inside of you is trying to tell you that there’s a problem: one of your fingers hurts.

Of course, being the intrepid problem solver that you are (and modest too), it doesn’t take long for you to zero in on the joint causing all this trouble – an ardently ill-behaved mosquito despite having been squished last night by yourself (or maybe was someone else… but let’s not go there).

This leaves us with an important question: why does one finger joint hurt so much? What did poor little old Aunt Marge ever do to deserve such wrath from our bodies?

Well strap yourselves in kids ((not literally unless doing Houdini impersonations makes its way into daily life routines and even then kindly seek professional help)), because we’re about to dive deep- really deep- into what makes these pesky digits so darn sensitive/irritated/fussy/hysterical.

First Things First

Okay hold up before everyone loses their minds over this more than they’ve already lost during quarantine times filled with boredom and constant food consumption (which realistically means other appendages could join in later). Let us first establish which hand we are referring to here because chances are good (!) I’m going to forget myself just as quickly…


So according to my running notes we have determined it’s our left hand index finger. Now onwards people!

Our Hidden Healing Heroes Reveal Their True Colors

Though often overlooked or relegated mainly as backup singers when injuries start belting out pain tunes like Beyonce would BLARE sometimes (note emphasis), joints are actually complex structures composed of various tissues designed to ensure that our body parts can move seamlessly, allowing us to live normal and healthy lives.

Joints are formed where two or more bones meet (“Ooh la la” says Mr Skeleton), including some shock-absorbing cartilage/intense fluid filled sacs known as bursae which help facilitate and lubricate movement.

But here’s the kicker: these joints cannot do their job alone. There are essentially five types of tissue in your fingers that each — individually and collectively — contribute immensely towards protective cushioning (which is MUCH needed) during such activities as playing video games for hours on end without a break:

1) Tendons – tissue bands attach muscle to bone
2) Ligaments – rope-like structures connect bone to joint
3) Cartilage – slippery tissue that lines ends of bones acting like cushion b/w them
4) Nerves – integral part of the musculoskeletal system providing sensation along with information/situational awareness.
5) Bone itself

And we thought college math courses had too many factors involved (pun fully intended).

Injuries or disorders affecting any one (or more!) of these tissues can trigger pain / swelling / inflammation, so it makes perfect sense for us humans (the smart ones at least…) that when something is off kilter ,be it using nail polish remover constantly(shudders)/ working out hard daily( OUCH!!)/being splattered by paint(bigger shudder)… things may well start hurting. And suddenly our glossy plans/goals/everyday activities doesn’t look as appealing anymore.

Trigger Happy Fingers…OR In Other Words ..’Avoid These Habits’

1. We’re Not Pregnant But Lugging Grocery Bags Everywhere Like It’s Our Game

Have you ever gone grocery shopping and picked up way too much stuff? Have you noticed how awkwardly shaped objects — like watermelons and oversized cardboard boxes — can result in the most cringe-inducing / hilarious hand configurations, leaving your beloved index finger ultimately taking on more of a load than it ought to? If so, you have effectively engaged in a classic (if not cliched) cause of joint pain. So let’s start being mindful about such things and stick with weight manageable objects.

2. Our Phones Phone Us More Than Humans Do

If ever there was one object that could be blamed for an epidemic of repetitive strain injuries, the mobile phone would take first prize by miles upon miles (a.k.a million light years). Even while sleeping. But am wondering how accurate that notion is because phones obviously do need rest lest… they land up looking like us! Though texting won’t necessarily harm joints directly,(unless you’re trying out some bizarre acrobatic moves too advanced for fingers), holding our phones at awkward angles may increase fatigue or even lead to overuse injuries from those compulsively texters among us.

Should We Be Concerned?

The proverbial answer, indicating where all good medical stories end– or begin, should we face inquiries better left unanswered: ‘well..it depends’.

Usually pain caused by overactivity/activities similar to ones I mentioned above usually goes away after patients just infuse patience mixed with modified behavior adjustments . However if this pain refuses to budge despite every wile//alternative therapy methods tried by Dr Google himself , there might be something else going on under the radar here //It deserves serious attention from real keen eyes willing ready and able(jazz hands anyone?).

Other reasons why There Still Might Exist Possible Joint Pain During This Pandemic/’Vampire Bite’ Infested World can include:
– Arthritis
– Ganglion cysts — fluid-filled sacs arising close nearby.
– Tendinitis which generally refers to inflammation happening along tendon routes connecting muscles/bones
– carpal tunnel syndrome.
and so on and so forth.

The Final Verdict

Alright folks! As you bring this article to a close, hopefully with newfound insights into the highly complex world of joint pain (Took me 2000 worda..Phew!), let us keep one thing – quite possibly the most important takeaway message-seared safely in our minds:

Don’t let your finger joint hurt. Seriously. (I’m sure that helped know-it-all me…) Don’t ignore it or assume that it will necessarily go away all by itself (because obviously Dr Google is reliable at ALL times). Listen to your body, take note of any discomfort, and if necessary seek medical advice from available doctors(real ones….Now THAT’s ‘aving a laugh!).

Until next time guys… Keep Your Fingers Crossed (literally perhaps?) for good health full-speed-ahead living/working/liking/commenting/kissing-bye-with-a-smooch-for-luck-and-others-you-like-at-the-end-of-the-day(COVID ALERT PLEASE DO NOT kiss people..If you do like milk bars better now than humans)