Why does my whole body feel like pins and needles?

If you’re feeling a little bit prickly all over, you might be wondering what’s going on with your nervous system. Don’t worry though, the answer is probably something simple – or at least I hope it is.

First off, let me get one thing straight: if you’re experiencing pins and needles all over your body you should see a doctor. It could be a sign of nerve damage or an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed.

But assuming there isn’t anything too serious going on, here are some potential reasons for why your whole body feels like it’s been invaded by tiny spikes:

You’ve been sitting in an awkward position

You know how when you sit cross-legged for ages and then stand up again, your legs have gone all numb? Yeah well turns out that can happen to other parts of your body too. If you’ve been sat in an uncomfortable chair or hunched over your desk for hours on end, it’s possible that this has led to temporary compression of the nerves in certain areas which can cause tingling sensations.

You might have poor circulation

Did someone say blood flow? Yup-huh! Poor circulation can lead to limbs (and even entire bodies) falling asleep due to lack of oxygen getting circulated around the tissues properly. This is more likely if you spend long periods sitting down without much movement involved; those computer games won’t play themselves but neither will they give sufficient kinetic moments either!

Anxiety may be playing tricks on your nerves

Anxiety fucking sucks doesn’t it? When we’re anxious our brain produces excessive amounts of cortisol and adrenaline into our bloodstream – leading can hyperactive nerve pathways as result,. So basically by worrying about every bad thing under the sun,we make ourselves feel worse both emotionally AND physically

## Hyperventilation

Now hyperventilating must be one of the most popular ways to feel pins and needling around the body. That feeling that you are not getting enough air can trigger a fight-or-flight response, which results in excessive levels of oxygen flushing your system, leading to tingling sensations – or worse! Just breathe normally man.

Drink less coffee

Yeah that’s right – back away from those damn caffeinated drinks if you want to chill out a bit more with regards to pins and needles sensation.

Diabetes may also be an issue

Diabetes influences internal nerve endings making it difficult for vital data on senses between extremities like your feet and hands therefore reducing the amount of feeling in those parts. Oh joy!

Your medications may cause “parasthesia”

Meaning gets caused by prescribed drugs such as medicines used in cancer treatment having neuropathy-based side effects including this pin-trickling effect.

## Multiple sclerosis might apply

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) targets nervous systems by forcing their immune system into attacking them leading can then causing disruptions within sensory channels throughout entire bodies ~ bummer.

## You could have a pinched nerve somewhere

Somewhat different than numbing due to awkwardness posture: A pinched nerve occurs when surrounding bones or tissues minimizes resistance against our nerves good vibes; impeding signals contents thus blocking traditional pathways resulting to deadened limbs as well discomfort.

So what do I do?

Well besides seeing how long it takes for someone else notice all my arm hairs standing up( #distraction), check these methods:

  • Shaking limb crazily until ceased
  • Switch postures if too weary seated awhile
  • Reducing stressful interactions through yoga practices or other forms meditation
  • more green leafies & reduce heavily fried diet(food related hyperglycemia)

If none of these work consult with doctor.(did I mention this before?)

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