Why does my mustache grow faster than my beard?

If you’re wondering why your mustache is winning the race against your beard, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many men struggle with uneven facial hair growth, but fear not! In this article, we’ll break down the many factors at play in facial hair growth and help figure out why that mustache just can’t seem to slow down.

The Basics of Facial Hair Growth

Before we jump into potential reasons for uneven facial hair growth, let’s talk about what goes into it.

Hair Growth Phases

Did you know that all hair on our body grows in cycles? Each cycle has three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (regression), and telogen (resting). These cycles differ based on area of the body and genetics. For example, scalp hairs have a longer anagen phase than eyebrows.


Testosterone plays a significant role in influencing male pattern baldness as testosterone causes a shift from vellus to terminal hairs. Men have more density of hair follicles per cm^2 compared to women which is related to testosterone levels during puberty However, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for promoting differentiated follicle stem cells towards an epidermal fate rather than being able to fully contribute towards growing hairs.

Now that we’ve covered some basic biology behind how your beard grows or doesn’t grow let’s get straight into answering some questions about why these things happen!

Here are some possible reasons:

Genetics Play A Role

Like most things in life – genes are important. Male hormones cause small differences among people like facial structure/shape etc but genetics can lead individuals having various rates of Hirsutism(excessive body/facial[beard]hairiness) even differing within patterns themselves. Everyone’s hair gene pool is different and the pattern of facial hair growth will be influenced by these genes.

Your Age

Puberty can affect the rate, thickness, and even pigmentation/color of your underarm and pubic hairs as well as your face. These varying facies differ from one another in pattern according to biological sex which makes mustache grow faster than beard for some people. As you age, a decline in testosterone levels likewise affects body/facial (‘sebaceous’) gland function leading to slower/thinner/fewer stubble follicles.

Hormonal Imbalances

Which makes sense that as per age progresses there would be possible existence of hormonal imbalances. Thyroid problems like hypothyroidism may result in low metabolism including sluggish adrenals or gonadotropins production ( among others). Some congenital disorders such Klinefelter’s syndrome or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome predispose individuals to unwanted hair growth/progressing baldness/abnormal skin changes

Although these are just reasons it won’t account for every man’s specific situation

If you’re keen on growing out an amazing 5 o’clock shadow then this section is perfect for you! We’ve compiled a list of tips/hacks which might assist with keeping your facial hair ‘growth’ game strong!

A Balanced Diet Is Key

Regular exercise coupled with nutritious food not only leads to a healthier complexion but also stimulates cell regeneration while encouraging blood flow/circulation improving overall nutritional accessibility which promotes healthy and thicker/shinier looking beard/mustache/stubble hairs.

Vitamins play an important role

From vitamins B & C helping produce collagen (protein connective tissue) within our bodies , all way over to vitamin D regulating calcium homeostasis necessary nutrient vital for bone formation/metabolic processes . Additional minerals like iron can improve overall body functions and promote blood circulation which will positively impact facial hair health.

Keep Your Face Clean

Men have a tendency to slather on oily/waxy products on their face thinking it’ll lead to stronger/better growth. However, it’s important for maintaining follicle health that one keeps an regular nice beard shampoo schedule helped along with even perhaps a spritz or two of castor oil. Avoid using too much soap as it dries up the skin in general and may exacerbate other issues such as acne/rosacea might make your facial hairs fail to flourish enough.

Take Care Of The Skin Underneath

Use balms/creams/lotion/oils keeping skin supple/tightening pores and protecting from wear & tear . Lookout for cosmetic /perfume-free options which can be cause allergies/dryness ,flammation of already sensitive facade .

Regular Trimming Aids In Growth

We know what you’re thinking – doesn’t trimming mean less hair?? Surprisingly no, trimming dead ends helps maintain sharp edges/kinks/styling while also helping reduce physical stress applied onto that targeted area leading to reducing brittle broken hairs… so book those barber appointments without hesitation!

Although there are hormones and genetics at play when concerning ‘stache vs beard growing patterns, all hope not quite lost yet. By eating right, nourishing your skin/hair follicles correctly (without nasties), practicing good grooming habits(which includes exercise!), regularly checking hormone balance/, any man can enhance his facial hair journey with even luxuriant coverage. It’s just up to us how willing we want our mane’s potential exhibited!