Why does my lower back get stiff?

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like your lower back has been replaced with a metal pole? Or maybe after sitting at your desk for hours on end, you slowly start to realize that you can’t stand up straight and need crutches just to walk? Fear not my friend, because today we will uncover why your lower back gets stiff.

Anatomy of the Lower Back

Before delving into stiffness, let’s take a look at what makes up our lower backs. The lumbar spine consists of 5 vertebrae (L1-L5), intervertebral discs which act as shock absorbers between each vertebrae and provides mobility for the spine; Facet joints responsible for stability and movement between each pair of vertebral levels including ligaments are connective tissues hold all these structures together.

Everything might seem hunky-dory in theory until something goes wrong. Read on if you want to know more!

Overuse: Our Arch-Nemesis

Our bodies love routine but sometimes routine overloads may recoil adversely causing inflammation leading to soreness or even strain. We often see this phenomenon occur in people who have sedentary jobs where sitting is their only workout except office gossiping sessions.

The consequence?

They tend to slump forward whilst staring fixatedly onto their monitors exacerbating an already problematic posture. Thus, creating excessive pressure on parts such as spinal discs which resultantly causes stiffness.

So if your work requires long hours seated or standing behind a desk without stretching regularly then it clearly means trouble – so change things around! Take stretch breaks where possible or alternatively move around every hour or so but ensure whatever it takes avoid being stagnant! Remember incorporating flexibility exercises help combat mechanical loads from sitting down excessively making daily movements smoother
and assisting us evading unnecessary ischemic weight-lifting-related woes labelled Muscles Strain & Sprains!

Poor Posture Begets Stiffness

It may sound arbitrary and boring, but your posture is directly linked to the health of your lower back. If you have poor posture, that means improper alignment between various body tissues including muscles, ligaments and joints etc., causing unnecessary stress on certain areas.

When we slouch, specifically hunching our shoulders or sinking over onto one side while sitting – all this leads to undue pressure forcing some parts of the spine to compensate for added loads they weren’t designed for in first place. In order words, a particular set of muscles get exhausted resulting in limiting motion progression ultimately causing lack of enough movement which means stiffness!

To help achieve an excellent foundation be mindful standing with ears aligned horizontally above shoulders- complete straight up (stacked); with knees being soft at ~ 10 degrees apart always remember keeping feet flat on ground i.e upright stance prevents from getting stiffy(literally).

If you’re unsure about how good or bad your posturopathy –well there’s always Mirror available nearby – give it thunk oops? Try observing yourself! seeing how well you’re keeping up no matter how preposterous it feels

The Dreadful Sciatica

Sciatica occurs when nerves around lower back disc slippery slide out like oil rigging into adjacent areas producing unprecedented Sensory-Motor Changes including pain gripes making movements usually uneasy.

The sensation stemming through hips down legs creates numbness along leg pathways further compounding more hindrances as nerve damage extends whooping discomfort levels indefinitely trapping individuals under a manhole without any aid.

Since sciatica stems from several root causes optimal treatment might fluctuate depending exact origin; however exercises targeting mobility impurities can lead to improvements not immediate cure though-don’t expect miracles here people!.

So either try Yoga-Esque variant(s) aiding crossfit enthusiasts break off recurrent daily monotony by streasming cardiovascular resistant training sessions!

Your Weight Can Make You Stiff

Our average Joe population are enfeebled with weighty burdens ranging from fast food consumption to skipping workout routines altogether as they have ‘no time’ for gym.

Unfortunately, having extra pounds usually results in extra pressure on your spine, causing lower back stiffness and pain.

“But what if I can’t go to the Gym because of Covid?” Here’s an achievable list of exercises that you can do at home:

  • Glute Bridges
  • Dead Bug Exercise
  • Bird-dog exercise
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Planks

These not only increase core strength but also elevate heart rate promoting calorie burn out meaning people who follow this regime would lose fat giving access to see obliques again! Mmm delicious…!!

In conclusion maintaining a healthy diet couples with regular crossfit or similar circuit-type cardiorespiratory fitness classes longed by our bodies catalyses positive health outcomes making certain bodily movements smoother easing into everyday lifestyles preventing instance like obesity – source of infamous osteopath complications especially those nasty lumbar stenosis shudders


Stiffness needn’t interrupt your normal routine if take precautions early enough; sedentary jobs benefit greatly from standing desks being mobile wherever possible When phoning colleagues elsewhere make it point walk there instead emailing or ringing direct increasing step count!

Employ good practice such taking stretch breaks accumulated over entire day working short intervals. Even incorporating flexibility exercises combat mechanical discomforts arising excessive sitting ensures daily movements much easier coordinating joint movement without incidences Strain & Sprains happening affecting quality life adversely.

Maintaining optimal posture alongside mindful breathing promotes resiliency combating myriad health challenges conventional medical interventions compounds providing pathways strengthen body immensely creating improved biomechanics reactions towards external impurities manifested unhealthy lifestyle commonplace in modern society ultimately- else you wanna say hello stiffness?!

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