Why does my lice keep coming back?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you think your lice have long gone, but the next time you come across them again? It is frustrating, right? As if they are some powerful cult that keeps resurrecting. If you are tired of singing “Lousy Smarch weather” (Simpsons reference anyone?) and still dealing with these unwanted intruders, then this article is for you.

Let’s get through some common reasons why lice can be so persistent:

Resistance to Treatment

You might have treated your hair in multiple ways such as oil treatments, medicated shampoos or even using a fine-toothed comb to remove nits. But still can’t seem to shake them off! Yes lads, it’s not always enough, consider yourself lucky because only 99% of cases have developed resistance against most over-the-counter products.



While treating and cleaning your head thoroughly is essential when trying to manage head lice outbreaks; there may be people around us who we cannot avoid being in close contact with no matter what. Whether it’s sharing combs or hats at school or visiting households without knowing they carry head lice; re-infestation is likely to occur – Sorry folks!

Incomplete Cleaning

If instructions on the label specify using a nit-comb alongside treatments and removing all live bugs from scalp and surroundings by vacuuming immediately after treatment (that means every surface) chances are high that leaving any eggs behind could also mean starting over again pretty quickly.Lesson learned: clean everything until there aren’t any left – I know- Ew!


Reason #1 – Resistance to Treatment

As we mentioned earlier, medication resistance is extremely common with head lice nowadays. There are a variety of over-the-counter options available for treating your infestation, but some strains of the insects have become immune to them. If you keep using the same ineffective products on your hair without switching things up every once in awhile, it’s no wonder that those pesky bugs aren’t going anywhere.

Reason #2 – Re-infestation

If someone in your household has an active case of head lice and shares combs or bedding with other family members – reinfestation within the family will be likely until all people undergo treatment simultaneously.Don’t feel bad; This isn’t because of lack of hygiene (just saying!) rather just unlucky. It only takes one person in close proximity to create a full blown outbreak: I bet you didn’t shake hands that time Bob came into work!


Reason #3 – Incorrect Use Of Treatment Too Little Or Too Much?

Using medications indiscriminately can lead to another crisis altogether which might compound the problem instead…whoops! Sometimes people do not follow proper instructions when applying treatments which may result in insufficient dosage or using medication frequently leadingto resistance as we also mentioned already Oops my bad,bad human habits

Reason #4 – Shared Personal Care Items

Anyone who shares personal care items such as towels, brushes or combs with people not in the same family is at high risk of lice infestation. Sharing these things spreads head lice infection easily making it a primary strategy for re-infestation.

Reason #5 – Incorrect Cleaning Methods

Sometimes your cleaning methods might hinder progress! Incomplete washing and vacuuming hair accessories can keep you experiencing an outbreak even after receiving treatments. Ensure that anything that touches hair (pillows, hats etc.) are washed properly, this helps to completely eliminate any remaining traces of insects trying to build a utopia on your scalp


Fighting head lice can be problematic; there’s tough times ahead but we’re all fighting the good fight here over some tiny organisms just looking for a warm home.Are they persistent? Yes. But doable? Absolutely! Remember the reasons why these pests KEEP coming back..and maybe this time around try different approaches … Good Luck (For real….)

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