Why does my ear hurt when i touch it?

Are you experiencing a sharp pain, tenderness, or sensitivity in or around your ear? Did you just shove something inside it or poke it a bit too hard while cleaning? Well then, buckle up soldier! We’re about to delve into the myriad of reasons why your ear could be hurtin’ and suggest some remedies that even Dr. House would approve of.

What Causes Pain in the Ear Upon Touching?

Ear pain is often caused by infections or physical damage but depending on specific conditions, certain nerves can also send an inflammatory response which makes touching them feel like being repeatedly stuck with rusty needles. Here are some possible reasons.

Structures Inside The Ear That You Never Knew Existed

Behind that seemingly simple canal and lobe design lives a complex structure comprised of three major parts: outer ear (pinna), middle ear (tympanic membrane), inner ear (cochlea). Different regions pose different risks if they get damaged:
Outer Ear: Can develop folliculitis (‘meh’, thank god for spellcheck!), whereby hair follicles become infected.
Middle Ear: Infection known as otitis media easily causes inflammation by infection-causing pathogens.
Inner Ear: Also called ‘labyrinthitis’ may result from viral/bacterial infections causing vertigo/tinnitus/other symptoms.

Allergies and Eczema… poor Sufferers!

Who doesn’t love seasonal allergies leading to itching skin rashes; Luckily for us unlucky ones , we have one more symptom to add i.e., painful ears when touched. Eczema can lead to such reactions & cause redness swelling itchiness plus fluid buildup within our delicate little friends(^.^)-nom nom!

Do You Have TMJ Disorders?

This happens due to clenching teeth involuntarily leading to jaw movements affecting bones near-ear regions, thus leading to inflammation or tenderness when areas near the tragus, (Cartilaginous bump on the external side of your ear canal) auricle/cauliflower ear hurts.

Earwax Build-up & Blockages

Earwax buildup in ears can lead to blockage resulting in discomfort and pain while touching the area. Did you know using Qtips can shove wax deeper inside making it harder to clean? (yes even if Oprah says it is OK!) Play safe, be gentle with removing unwanted debris :’).

How Can You Alleviate Pain in The Ear?

We don’t want anything apart from good music playing on our headphones to trigger pain right below that region… These home remedies might help soothe uncomfortably tendered areas!
IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t put any object INSIDE your ear canal; It can cause perforations/damage.
Use a heating pad pressing gently against painful regions for 15-20 minutes sessions OR warm compresses/cloth soaked in hot water as alternatives available at home remedies!(Yes do not microwave towels!! Thank me later..duh..(jk))
Mix salt and lukewarm water (2:1 ratio); use dropper placing liquid into troubled area allowing air bubbles cause drainage /clearing blocked segments( It may sound gross but trust us/disclaimer provided by an AI).
For jaw-related pains Take OTC medication /naproxen/ibuprofen acts as anti-inflammatory drug reducing swelling within tissues
Try relaxing techniques such as Yoga/Meditation/Biofeedback reduces tension applied over muscles involved thereby providing relief.(Also just breathe yo)

Experiencing tenderness or pain due to physical trauma/bacterial infections should require medical attention but minor injuries/allergies could be cured via “home remedies” mentioned above , although lacking scientific backing they not harmful if properly performed. If you experience pain accompanied by discharge, bleeding, fever or other serious symptoms it’s advisable to seek immediate medical attention before the whole ‘IMMA DIE’ idea creeps inside your head. Remember we live in a day and age where any symptom can be diagnosed through Google helping act as our hypochondriac buddy when doctor’s don’t agree (haha..jk..but seriously).

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