Why Does My Dog Chew Her Blanket?

Have you ever wondered why your furry friend loves to chew on her blanket? It may seem strange or puzzling behavior, but there are several reasons why dogs love sinking their teeth into fabric.

Pups just wanna have fun!

Just like a human kid, a dog’s idea of having a good time might involve some playful chewing. To them, blankies look like an exciting and interactive toy! They get stimulation from the textures and variety of the cloth that they would never get from chasing balls or playing fetch. Besides, who needs squeaker toys when you have all these fabrics to munch?

Got Teeth? Better use ’em

For puppies, teething is quite a painful phase. The process can last for up to six months! So besides gnawing away on keys and shoes, blankets can be seen as convenient relief outlets for sore gums – which means that Fido might first start gnawing on towels as soon as he/she starts losing those milk teeth until matured ones grow in, Ouch!

A bad habit hard to break

As with any persistent behaviour – what begins in amusement -> then elevates itself into boredom busters -> ultimately turns into compulsive habits! Dogs instinctively take memory cues from past experiences; hence if one day She tilted her head back opened wide and nibbled playfully at a cuddly fibre- it’s likely that she’ll do it again whenever under-stimulated.

But once this routine becomes habitual- it’s tough to unlearn! It’s vital therefore to ensure our pups remain stimulated intellectually and physically throughout each week: routine walks would not merely provide physical exertion but also help keep an engaged canine well behaved/ socially aware.

What Else Could be Causing the Obsessive Chewing?

There could many contributing factors towards this digging-nibbling-tearing behaviour than meets our eyes. Could it be an animal instinct to make a comfy bed/shelter and hence the obsession with blankets and other fabrics?

Possible Underlying Causes Include:

Disorderly/Anxious Behaviour

Dogs are emotional creatures first and foremost, following separation anxiety, frequently brings towards these obsessive behaviours.

Noise-related Phobias

Your furry friend may become anxious whenever loud music or fireworks take place and seek relief by chewing on something that provides comfort.

Deficient Diet

A diet lacking in essential long-chain fatty acids derived from fish oil could result in texture-and-touch deficiency leading to this annoying blanket-chewing behaviour.

How Can We Control This Behaviour?

We sure can’t stifle their fun personalities nor deprive them of interesting textures but- when chewed out of boredom or caused by frustration/anxiety, we must intervene.
Determining underlying causes is crucial because misdiagnosis could lead to further damage or incorrect handling. Here are some ways to help curb your pooch’s enthusiastic (if not excessive) blanket-chewing:

  1. Basic training: Set boundaries, teach obedience commands – “no, ” “leave it. ” Reward good behavior whenever found.
  2. Increase Exercise: Regular playtimes + mental stimulation activities would ensure well-exercised pooches feel less bored/frustrated-looking for recreations
  3. Keep random stuff around: Chew toys as distractions instead of inviting handkerchiefs spread about all over the house!
  4. Trying different kinds of cloth materials/fabrics could eliminate preferences for destroying certain furnishing so once observed damaged blankets get switched with more durable options!
  5. Seek veterinary advice – finally if all else fails, veterinarians can identify potential medical issues that might be causing this routine behaviour.

Remember, each Case is unique; what serves one dog might differ significantly from another! The important thing is ensuring she/he lives happy stimulated lives without chewing off more than they handle- quite literally at times!

So here we are, five possible reasons Backed with ways of resolving obsessive blanket chewing. As pet parents let’s ensure our energetic pups stay happy and productive without ~~ripping out~~ their favourite blankets!

FAQs: Why Does My Dog Chew Her Blanket?

  1. Why does my dog chew her blanket?
    Dogs chew their blankets due to various reasons such as boredom, anxiety, comfort-seeking behavior, or simply because they enjoy the texture of their blankets against their teeth.
  2. How can I stop my dog from chewing her blanket?
    To prevent your dog from chewing her blanket, offer appropriate chew toys and interactive games to keep her busy. Ensure she gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. You may also try making the blanket less accessible or using deterrent sprays specifically designed for dogs.
  3. Is it harmful for dogs to chew their blankets?
    If ingested in large amounts, it can be harmful as pieces of fabric can cause intestinal blockages or other GI issues in dogs. Always remove any torn-off threads or small bits from your dog’s bedding regularly to prevent accidental ingestion.
  4. What type of blanket is best for dogs that like to chew on them?
    Durable and sturdy blankets made out of natural materials such as wool or cotton are good choices for dogs that tend to chew things a lot.
  5. Could chewing on a blanket indicate an underlying medical concern with my dog?
    Though unlikely, excessive chewing could sometimes be caused by certain medical conditions like dental issues or digestive problems in some cases. Consult with a veterinarian if you’re concerned about this behavior issue all of sudden becomes severe or frequent compared to before.

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