Why does my chest feel bruised when i touch it?

Why Does My Chest Feel Bruised When I Touch It A bruised sternum is almost always the result of a traumatic blow to the chest or breastbone area. This is often caused by car accidents. Hitting your chest on the steering wheel or slamming against a seatbelt can both bruise your sternum.

What can cause pain in center of chest? Inflammation of rib cartilage (costochondritis) can cause chest pain in center, at the breastbone. Muscle Soreness – Sore or strained muscles, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome can cause muscular pain in the middle of the chest area. It is also usually the cause for pain in center of chest while lying down.

What are the causes of Pain Below sternum? Other Causes of Pain below Sternum. Pain below sternum may also be caused due to vigorous exercising, breast cancer, varied heart and chest diseases, bone or bone marrow infection that causes sternum osteomyelitis, bone cancer, high blood pressure, and anxiety, panic attacks, and other psychological disorders.

When chest pain is “just” costochondritis? Costochondritis is a common cause of chest pain. It is caused by inflammation of the joints in the rib cage. The symptoms of costochondritis include sharp chest pain, which feels worse when coughing, sneezing or breathing heavily, and tenderness or soreness of the rib cage.

What are the symptoms of a cracked sternum? Symptoms of cracked sternum. Chest pain is one of the main indicators of cracked sternum. The pain and tenderness usually radiates from the center of the chest and it becomes worse when sneezing, coughing, laughing or breathing deeply.

What is the best treatment for chest pain?

What is the best treatment for chest pain? Home remedies for chest pain is highly effective if the pain is a result of lung disease. Gargling of saline solutions, chewing black pepper, massaging the chest with oil and intake of lukewarm fluid will reduce the problem. Yoga and aromatherapy also plays an important role to keep the aside the problem of chest pain.

Is it normal to have chest pain? Regardless, chest pain is not normal and should be diagnosed by a doctor because it can represent a serious health risk. Women may have somewhat different cardiac chest pain symptoms including more nausea and vomiting, lightheadedness, and pain or discomfort in one or both arms.

What are the most common causes of chest pain and nausea? Other causes. Chest pain can also be caused by: Panic attack. If you have periods of intense fear accompanied by chest pain, a rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, profuse sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness and a fear of dying, you may be experiencing a panic attack. Shingles.

What causes pain on left side of chest? Breathing, coughing, and sneezing may cause an acute pain in left side chest. The most common causes are bacterial or viral infections, pulmonary embolisms, and pneumothorax. Depending on the diagnosis, pleuritic can be treated with anti-inflammatory or pain relieving medications.