Why does eucrisa burn?

If you’ve used Eucrisa before, you know that it burns like a mother. But have you ever wondered why? In this article, we’ll explore the science behind this medication and figure out what makes it feel like your skin is on fire.

What Is Eucrisa?

Before diving into why Eucrisa burns, let’s first talk about what it actually is. Eucrisa (crisaborole) is a topical prescription medication used to treat mild-to-moderate eczema in adults and children as young as two years old. It’s applied directly to affected areas of the skin and works by suppressing inflammation caused by an overactive immune system response.

Fun fact: Crisaborole was discovered through a drug development effort involving natural products from coral reef samples collected off the coast of Australia!

How Does It Work?

Okay, so now that we know what Eucrisa does let’s jump right into how it works in our bodies. The active ingredient in eucrisa, crisaborole, blocks a group of proteins called phosphodiesterases (PDEs). These PDEs are involved in cell signaling pathways that promote inflammatory responses which means when they’re blocked- effects known to help reduce symptoms of eczema such as redness and itching.Against Chronic Atopic Dermatitis,the part of our brain responsible for emotional regulation,and pain processing.It interacts with ABHD5( α/β – hydrolase domain-containing protein 5) promoting release(active lipid synthesis),however ABHD4 has been shown to inhibit releases(lipid hydrolysis)

The Mechanism Behind Burning Sensation

Even though crisabo-frickin-role sounds really fancy and effective sometimes upon application its linked with burning,stinging sensation especially within initial minutes.
Burning after applying to our skin might defeat the stated purpose of providing relief for eczema,but-ya-know,it is what it is folks! If you’re wondering why Eucrisa causes this uncomfortable sensation, let’s break it down.

  1. Disruption in Cell Membranes:
    The lipid bilayer which surrounds cells are made of phospholipids,cholesterol and other components(Did somebody just call me a nerd?).Anyways,when Crisaborole penetrates into the cell membrane(where these fats,reside) to block PDEs,it actually interferes with how those membranes typically function-thus causing them to become more permeable and less stable;facilitating penetration of irritants or inflammatory stimuli which activate sensory neurons that respond to burning sensations

  2. Release Of Histamines:
    Another way Eucrisa can cause burning is by inducing an allergic response.Through inhibiting PDEs,Criseborole leads to increase in intracellular concentrations of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate(cAMP); result : release histamine whcih just so happens to be propagated by immune cells like mast cells.

3.Skin barrier dysfunction
It’s quite possible Eucirsabo-role plays role in damaging the already damaged-looking eczematous skin.Simply put ,because Criseborole disrupts cellular membranes,skin barrier could also face disruption making your excessive easy prey for harmful external substances(chemical/foreign agents),which makes sense why sometimes even water droplets falling on affected area might sting

How Can I Reduce The Burn?

Alright,now we understand why eucrisa burns soo much.Then follows What-now-whats-how-to-part.Soo here some tips/guidelines youshould keep up at sleeve whenever using this medication:

Apply Moisturizer First

Your skin right now is pretty damaged and dry as it is,so moisturizing the skin should always be the first step! This step helps increase stability of cellular membranes; increased hydration/trophism improves barrier function.Moisturizers can serve as protective layer between your eczema skin cells and eucrisa to help hinder penetration.

Wait 15-20 Minutes After Cleaning Your Affected Area

Let’s say you’ve had before shower(before using Eucrisa)
Wait around 15 minutes after a bath or shower when it may sting worse due to water being present in cells which amplifies the penetrative effect .If possible,staying relatively cool/dry afterwards until time elapses

Use Crisaborole Only On Areas You Need It

As tempting as it might/might not be,you don’t want/can’t go making designs with this medication on your legs or arms.You’ll end up feeling like human kindling.

Body Placement for Applications Matters Too!

Okay,bear with me ..This part entails some general body positioning tips. These will keep medication from trickling down other places ya know..Bathing /wraps too soon after application reduce effectiveness of crisaborole.Type “stinging” on any online forums’ search bar associated with applying eucrisa/use


At this point , got that?Eucrisa reduces inflammation caused by an overactive immune system response which leads to reduced symptoms related related redness/itchiness.Furthermore, burning sensation could happen during initial applications(is normal),this also mediates barrier recovery.Anyhoo,I hope this article has answered some questions you might have about why Eucrisa burns, how it works,and how you can reduce its fiery effects if ya gotta use(I mean…it really does work well,right?)