Why does anxiety come on suddenly?

Anxiety, that feeling of unease, worry or fear about a situation is a normal human emotion. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life, but what happens when it comes on suddenly? One minute you’re happily sipping your coffee and the next moment you feel like crawling into a hole and hiding from everyone and everything.

Like seriously! Why can’t we just have one day where our brain isn’t playing tricks on us? In this article we will explore some reasons why anxiety might come on suddenly so maybe you won’t feel like such an oddball next time it happens.

The Brain’s Fight or Flight Response

Our brains are hardwired to respond quickly to perceived threats with the fight or flight response – a rush of adrenaline that prepares us for battle or running away-crying included (just kidding). However sometimes these perceptions aren’t quite right, leading the brain to initiate the fight-or-flight response unnecessarily, putting our bodies into overdrive which also kicks off rising levels of anxiety.

In simpler terms, if someone scares you by jumping out of nowhere while shouting “boo!”, your heart rate would immediately sky-rocket and pumping adrenaline would power up your muscles giving rise to fight feelings or opposite flight thoughts. A similar phenomenon was seen in cave-men days; as soon as they sensed any danger around them – let’s say fighting animals – their two options were either killing those animals first (fight) or trying escaping from there (flight) incidentally no other option was available then!

Sometimes though there is no actual threat but perhaps some underlying issues unrelated yet enough persuasive / harmful inducing adrenaline react without any reason behind starting off.

Personal Triggers That Can Cause Sudden Onset Anxiety:

Alarm Reactions

Some studies suggest that enduring years living with stress creates trigger points i.e high alert areas in our brains that magnify stress cues in the environment. Hence, what might not be anxiety inducing for somebody else, sends you through a loop like as if you’ve sang the national anthem out of tune.

High Stressful Situations

So here’s one where everybody- no matter how calm they are-gets pulled up with an ever increasing level of anxiety when exposed to overarching stressful situations such as presentations to clients or running from rolling boulders caused by Indiana Jones – both very relatable scenarios.

Biological Factors

In rare cases but possible: sudden onset anxiety can be due to underlying health issues such as thyroid problems or low blood sugar levels and some kinds needs wholistic care-treatment.

External Triggers That Can Cause Sudden Onset Anxiety:

Uncertainty Triggers

Going into unfamiliar territories can cause any body unease at first ~yeah yeah I know you’re a fearless superhero~ but most recently heard news (eg sudden lay-offs) always keep our bodies under high vigilance making us anxious even couple of days after! Signing onto new work projects or taking on unexpected responsibilities indirectly causes brain cell neurons going off which agitates your mind on edge.

Am I alone in this?

No, absolutely not! The feeling that we might have something wrong with us is common especially among those who tend overthink events and emotions. It happens more than you think it does; maybe even someone around you could relate better -at times experiencing these same triggers differently.

Ways To Cope With Sudden Onset Anxiety

Anxiety symptoms may feel overwhelming starting physically then escalating rapidly so it’s important to catch them early before they spiral out control

It may seem like things are impossible right-now just use this moment effectively and simply execute deep breathing exercises while walking around briskly it definitely helps. Once home take shower emphasizing moments for vulnerability engage podcast app mentioned below:

Podcasts description
Meditative Story A range of guests are interviewed and they share their calming, inspiring stories which helps in relieving any anxiety.
Terrible, Thanks for Asking The host interviews people who’ve been through a really tough time where others around them want to help but don’t know exactly how to respectfully tackle those delicate situations
Unlocking Us with Brené Brown author/expert on vulnerability/takes calls & shares heart-warming conversational pieces
Small doses podcast with Amanda Seales An excellent all-round tool-kit to catch up her listeners with honest discussions ranging from mental health issues while keeping it fun

In conclusion:

There could be plenty of reasons why one experiences sudden onset anxiety. Either unforeseeable events or some underlying nervous system issues triggering that response may not signal anything requiring more attention-sometimes no underlying cause too just basic stress-inducing biological changes! Whatever the reason might be, experiencing panic reactions is normal; do not detest within by labeling yourself as being vulnerable. Just find whatever tool works best self-therapy sessions or collective ones like podcasts mentioned above-relaxation techniques/quick deep-breathing -whatever you prefer-for your mind ease!
Just keep learning and taking preventive measures every day as experimenting different coping strategies ultimately will lead towards leading a life bestowed upon ease (and less tenseness).