Why doctors no longer prescribe metformin?

If you have ever heard about diabetes, then it’s pretty sure that you are also familiar with the drug Metformin. It is one of the most popular drugs used to lower blood sugar levels for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

But in recent years, many reports and studies question whether this drug is safe or not. Is it effective enough? A quick search on Google will tell you how cornered and confused we are about its effects.

Confused Much? Let’s dive into the topic more deeply through these different headings that unravel some truths (or lies) about metformin-

The Unholy duo: Metformin & Anaemia

Metformin had faced a lot of accusations like lowering B12 vitamin levels and increased liver enzyme synthesis; however, a new problem emerged when research found that regular consumption of this drug can cause anaemia.

What is Anaemia?

Anaemia refers to a condition where your body lacks sufficient red blood cells or hemoglobin content necessary to carry oxygen efficiently. And considering how important oxygen supply is to our organs’ proper functioning, even mild cases can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, palpitation etc.

So what happened between Anaemia & Metformin?

Studies showed increasingly low hematological parameters – low hemoglobin counts instead after consuming metformin compared to those who didn’t. Meanwhile, researchers suggested caution while prescribing patients with existing anemias as metformins could further aggravate their conditions.

Love-Hate Relationship Just Got More Complicated

Many know and choose metformin because it has lesser side-effects than other drugs but every medicine comes at a cost- here’s another reason why…

Gastrointestinal Problems

One common factor among all diabetic medicines – they mess up gastrointestinal tracts resulting in several unsavoury outcomes such as diarrhea/gas/bloating etc. In some cases, the conditions can worsen quite drastically and may result in drastic steps such as discontinuing the medicine.

“Stupid” Medicine?

A study claimed that Metformin could damage cognitive behaviour by impacting short-term memory. Not everyone who consumed metformin logged complaints about memory issues but enough to raise concerns further.

damage is a very strong word here, leading researchers later published that these effects if any were moderate at most.

But this list doesn’t end yet; let’s explore more areas where Metformin fails miserably.

Cardiology Stories only get worse

While Health experts have long back welcomed Incarnations of metformin with open arms for all its benefits on lowering blood sugar levels, they also couldn’t help notice how it impacts other organs-especially cardiac muscles[8]. And data over time has several times hinted at cardiac failure right after the patients’ thrice-daily doses.

Weight Loss

Clients often wonder about this – does my insulin resistance keeps piling up or will I shed unwanted flab while consuming metformins? Well~

Let’s remove one surprise off your plate- studies showed no significant weight-loss among regular users compared to those taking placebos .

Metformin has been popular when it comes to diabetes management due to various reasons like being cost-effective/ widespread awareness /availability etc. However, recent studies questioning its effectiveness coupled with findings concerning side-effects cannot be ignored either- which might explain many doctors’ reluctance towards prescribing them so easily now.

So bottom line – think carefully even if you are advised precautionary consumption of diabetic medicines/metformins; research their pros & cons definitely outweighs lapses in medical supervision!