Why do you need appendix removed?

Do you know that one little organ known as the appendix? That tiny appendage in your digestive system might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s often the root of so many health problems. It may seem insignificant at first glance, but trust me, it can lead to some serious trouble if left unchecked.

In this article, we’ll explore why removing the appendix is sometimes necessary for our overall well-being. So sit tight and keep on reading!

What Is The Appendix and What Does It Do?

Before diving into why we need to get rid of an organ that has been with humans since forever let’s first understand what exactly the appendix is.

The human appendix is a small finger-shaped pouch attached to our large intestines – roughly three inches long and shaped like a worm. Scientists believe it was once used by early humans as an additional storage area for digesting tough foods such as tree bark or leaves.

Currently, however, there isn’t much use for this funny little organ. Some researchers have suggested that it houses “good” bacteria that can help with gut health- but this idea remains relatively controversial among medical professionals.

That being said, despite its size or lack of purpose in daily life,our bodies still see fit – especially when trauma or infection strikes -to introduce us all around pain in order to feel its presence again.

When Does Your Appendix Become A Problem?

So now you know a thing or two about your humble little appendix-let’s talk about when things go awry.

In most cases,the reason people consider having their appendices removed arises when they experience symptoms suggestive of acute appendicitis which could include:

  • abdominal pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting,

This condition occurs because inside our intestines sometimes faecal matter gets stuck within the narrow tube-like passage leading up from our guts into the small intestine which results in pressure increasing causing blockage then leading to infection and inflammation of the appendix.

Why Should You Consider Having Your Appendix Removed?

As mentioned earlier, the main reason for having your appendix removed is acute appendicitis – this painful condition can get worse if left untreated. However even though some people go their whole lives without needing an ‘appendectomy’, that’s not always been necessarily indicative ensuring at all times they are in perfect shape.

Removal Is Not A Life-Changing Procedure

If you’re worried about losing any important functions or changing overly much should you opt to have your appendix taken out don’t be! It may come as a surprise, but humans actually don’t need our appendixes at all. In fact, many other animals such as rodents and koalas have long evolved free of their appendices while still retaining healthy digestive systems.

No Role in Digestion

While little more research attention than it merits presently exists on its role outside storage for certain immune cells like lymphocytes; there hasn’t emerged substantial scientific evidence determining if cutting our very own finger-shaped organ would cause any physical harm long term specifically with regard to bodily function losses compared those who haven’t faced similar surgeries before us..

In short- fear not! Removing the stubborn mass does not mean saying goodbye altogether just to keep up appearances!

The Risks Of Keeping An Unhealthy Appendix

First off- let’s highlight that it’s absolutely possible for minor blockages within the tiny channel leading into said tube-like structure or inside faecal matter buildup in there too ultimately heal themselves and dissolve away eventually alleviating pain often associated with appendicitis instead of progressing rapidly worsening daily performance abilities negatively affecting work output over time which could lead potentially develop complications ranging from abscess formations large enough rupturing beyond mere inconvenience so timely removal remains essential!!

Appendiceal Cancer Risk Reduction

Besides common symptoms above every existing disease poses potential hazards we might not notice until later stages unfortunately another condition- appendiceal cancer can also occur in the organ, although it’s rare this occurrence still presents a significant danger especially for those with Lynch syndrome or familial adenomatous polyposis who are at greater risk have an inherited tendency develop said disorder.

However, having your appendix removed following diagnosis might help protect you down the road. In fact, one study found that people who’ve had their appendices removed reduces chance by up to about 40% which could keep significant savings on medical bills nightlong hospital stays et all if insurance does not cover invasive treatments required when full-blown symptoms arise unexpectedly!!!

Future Risk Prevention

It’s best to ensure surgical removal of an unlikely problem source should any others pop up sooner rather than later after build-up of more faecal matter leading. This Is due to its potential role as host bacteria and viruses shown commonly exploited occupy causing systemic infections intermittently overall life quality low postoperatively when compared reduced risks of developing fatal health problems given follow through routine checkups plays a key component as well! Making sure our selves sign up preventive medical plans is always important since there’s no telling what diseases might creep up next!!


In summary,cultivating healthy habits like good hygiene daily exercises proactively improving diet may help prevent acute appendicitis from occurring altogether but sometimes specifically recommending or necessary surgery is needed when blockages refuse leaving prolonging inflammation or worse spontaneously heal without intervention leading potentially nasty complications listing above therefore consult healthcare professional informed decision every time!

While widespread myths associate removals solely bouncing back pristine conditions immediately this shouldn’t deter anyone seeking long-term relief considering all options regardless downsides attached will definitely outweigh benefits gained henceforth from harsher unaccounted scenario arising suddenly determining exact plan actions course selected!!